Healthier Food Review: Saybons Singapore 4-course Skinny Crepe Meals

If you’ve been to Plaza Singapura or Junction 8, you must have seen Saybons, the casual French dining café. They have been around for a while now, but did you know that a Singaporean couple started it? They are truly entrepreneurs in the F&B scene! All along I thought this was a franchise from overseas. In fact, the lady boss trained at Cordon Bleu but decided to strike it out on her own with soup and crepes creations inspired by the French, who are so known for their thin pancakes. I reckon how the name Saybons comes about is from the French phrase, “c’est bon”, which means, “it is good”! And I think Saybons is not just good, it's also good for you.

Their soups and crepes are already quite healthy right (all soups fall between 30-170 calories on their own) but Saybons has joined the Healthier Dining Programme officially as a partner and as such offers 10 Healthier Meal Combos that is made with 4 skinny crepes and 4 soups, plus a banana and water all for $11 nett. That’s a really good deal for a well-balanced meal with quality ingredients.

Order one of these meals and get a stamp on your Healthy Go Lucky card too!

The skinny crepes are healthier because they only have half the amount of cheese used in the regular ones, and includes fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes & potatoes. I tasted all 4 soups and 2 skinny crepes during my visit.

I really enjoyed the mushroom cheese skinny crepe and found it to be no less satisfying compared to a regular crepe with more cheese! The sautéed mushrooms are prepared fresh every morning at the shops and gave the crispy thin crepes a savory mushroomy flavor. The other ingredients, like greens, are also very generously packed into the slightly sweet and light crepe. The packaging also makes for very convenient munching -- no mess. Apparently the mushroom and cheese crepe is a perennial best seller among customers. I'm not surprised. Singaporean tastebuds are easy to predict.

Here’s a photo of what a 4-course Skinny Crepe meal looks like, in the flesh.

We also tried the vegetarian Margarita skinny crepe that comes with cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and onions. While this is good on its own, I'll suggest you make it a meal by also having a mushroom soup or the thicker carrot coriander soup. This way I feel makes for a more flavourful experience of Saybons.

For soups, we found out that other than the mushroom (1st in pic from left) and tomato soup (4th), the carrot coriander soup (2nd) and carrot (3rd) also has no cream in it, which helps lighten the calorie count.

I can't decide which is my favorite -- I think it might well be a tie between the thick and strong flavored mushroom soup and the tangy and light tomato soup. But I always order pumpkin soup if I'm in a restaurant, and Saybons' pumpkin soup does match up to restaurants. My least favorite I guess would be the carrot coriander, which is too much of a purée for me. That has its merits though because the ingredients are so... clean and healthy. See what I mean by I can't choose? If I were you, I’ll just go with what I am feeling that day.

I love that Saybons is offering affordable, quick and fuss-free French fare that is now healthier for everyone to try. View their menu here. I’ll definitely recommend that you check it out next time you walk past them! You can find them at:

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #B2-32
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6884 9018
Open: 930am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Junction 8
9 Bishan Place #02-27A
(above McDonalds)
Singapore 579837
Tel: 6258 3138
Open 10am to 930pm (Mon-Fri), Open 930am to 930pm (Sat & Sun)

KK Women's & Children's Hospital 
100 Bukit Timah Road #01-17 Singapore 229899 Tel: 63417890
Open 830am to 730pm (Mon-Fri), Open 9am to 330pm (Sat)
Close on Sundays & Public Holidays

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