Macau Travel Must-See: House of Dancing Water Show, City of Dreams

If there's one show you need to watch when you visit Asia or Macau, it will be this. The House of Dancing Water show at City of Dreams, Macau. It's only later that I found out it's a HKD 2 billion dollar production. Tickets costs around SGD $125-$140 for adults on week days for the side seats, which was good enough, and the show is really worth every penny in my opinion. 

It started with a gang of pirates hanging around and jumping into the frothing water below. Later, I realized that the 'pool' was not what it seems. There's a rising modular platform in there which can dry out in seconds.

The acrobatic performers were really good, strong and they do this every day. What a job.

See what I mean with the platform? It has holes to spurt out water too. 

The story is a classic tale of good vs evil as the prince tries to save the princess from the evil stepmother. 

Here's an amazing dive from someone all the way at the top.

Into this.

And my favorite frame and scene would be the motorbike stunts towards the end of the show. They had ramps driven in onto the platform and these bikers flying across the arena, crossing each other in mid-air and twisting and lifting off from the bikes. Every since move looked so dangerous that I was squealing on their behalf. 

Who would have known that Macau has such an amazing show? 
Now you do! Hurry, book your tickets if you are planning to head there!

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  1. Yes! It was an amazing show! Didn't regret rushing to & fro Hong Kong-Macau for this show!