PHILIPS Airfryer: Make Alexia Sweet Potato Fries and Bacon Wrapped Avocados!

I experimented with the Airfryer quite a fair bit because it is just such a wonderful piece of equipment. For these 2 items, there isn't even a recipe! You just assemble if needed, put them into your PHILIPS Airfryer for about 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees, take it out, put it on a plate, and enjoy! Here's what I've made with it so far. 

1. Alexia Sweet Potato Fries

I quite liked the Sweet Potato fries from Alexia, which I bought from FairPrice. No oil needed! It was naturally sweet and already 'oiled', I think. I also bought some shoestring fries to pop into the Airfryer, which someone did not work as well (maybe because I did not add too much oil?)

2. Bacon wrapped avocados. 

I learned on that day how to cut out avocados, and I think most people do not think about using these in an Airfryer, but there's always a first for everything. It turned out really well -- the bacon sizzled and the oil was enough to cook it, and the avocado provided a nice creamy counterbalance to the saltish bacon.

Here it is. They were super easy to make and delicious to eat as a snack, or even for breakfast with some toast and eggs!

Hope you will also try and experiment with your Airfryer. It is so fun!

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  1. I just tried this yummy recipe from your blog and it has come out really yummy!! :)
    This is my first dish and I am quite happy with the outcome...
    Thanks for sharing this easy recipe :)
    Alvin German