Smartphone Review: Nokia Lumia 635 affordable entry-level phone

Want to get a smartphone for your second line? Want to buy one for your parents so they can watch Youtube on the go? Your previous phone's lost/broken/old? Or sick of queuing for XiaoMi and realizing that it hangs on you when you try to multi-task? Then get the Nokia Lumia 635. Retailing for S$239 ONLY, it is probably one of the most affordable touchscreen color 4G smartphone that has all the components you'll need. A 5 megapixel camera, bluetooth, 8GB internal storage with additional storage option, and standby time of 648 hours! If you sign up with a telco, it is $0.

A #Lumia635 unit was sent for me to review, and I was really impressed by a few things.

1. It's incredibly affordable for that amount of technology.
2. It is very light yet not 'plasticky'
3. The design is awesome - both the neon orange cover, and the user interface and design.

I played around with it for a few days, and while I found the camera to be rather basic compared to what I'm used to (HTC One M8, iPhone), the rest of the phone delivers superbly especially on speed. Did not hang on me at all, and scrolling up and down was smooth.

I really liked playing around with the Windows Tile on the Nokia Lumia 635.

I also think the Windows Tile makes for a great user experience. The typing and navigation was really idiot-proof and easy to take up -- my dad took to it like fish to water.

Everything was thought of nicely. There's even a swipe down notification bar like all the other smartphones now for you to access shortcuts and etc.

There are also some great apps now on the Windows Apps+Games Marketplace that I've tried.

1. 6tag to surf and look at Instagram photos. Very nicely designed, so you don't miss the original version at all.

2. Nokia Glam Me to touch up your photos and make sure you look your best. Perfect for selfies!

3. Bing Health & Fitness to track your activity levels. Now you have no excuse not to do a few extra km when you jog!

If you are considering a new phone but not going to drop $900 to a k, consider the Nokia 635 at a fraction of the price. It is a simple, elegant and unassuming smartphone that does its job well.

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