Japanese Tonkatsu Review: Saboten at B2-02 313 Somerset, Singapore 238895

I've been missing out. In recent times without me knowing, a new tonkatsu chain has taken Singaporean taste buds by storm. Luckily I caught up with the trend when I was invited to try out Saboten's new branch at 313 Somerset

We tried out 3 types of tonkatsus that day, two of which was special to the branch opening. Each set comes with chawanmushi, refillable lettuce, miso and rice and dessert, which is good news for big eaters and VERY value-for-money! The chawanmushi was great as a starter - smooth, silky and flavorful.

First there was the Fried Jumbo Prawn Set ($28.80) which was super shiok because you can eat the entire jumbo prawn like you would a cutlet since it is de-shelled. The breadcrumbs on it was fried to golden perfection, and not too oily or crumbly. It also comes with half loin katsu which is the original tonkatsu so we could compare. Still, it is very good.

We then tried the super star of the night -- the Iberico Loin Katsu ($28)! The black pig fried cutlet is really something. Even though you pay about $4 more compared to regular tonkatsu sets, this is really worth it. The meat was fatty, juicy and crunchy on the outside but melty on the inside! It was really heaven on earth. Try it to believe it. I would definitely go back for it until they take it off the menu.

Lastly we also tried the Ebi Katsu Variety set ($23) with crab cream croquette, ebi katsu and asparagus cheese roll. This is great for those who are non-pork lovers, or there's already pork on the table and you want to have more variety. Then get this, plus the Iberico set and share it among two!

We finished off with some refreshing yuzu or matcha ice cream. Pick the yuzu if it is available - much better than the matcha, which was normal. 

Do you know that Saboten means cactus in Japanese? I have no idea why that made it to the restaurant name.. but I always remember it as if you have to eat ten, then really "sabo ten"! That said, I finally found a great alternative to my usual tonkatsu haunt Tonkichi at Shaw Lido. I really do think the tonkatsus at Saboten are value for money and high quality so I'll highly recommend for you guys to check it out!

#B2-02/03, 313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore
Daily 11am - 10pm

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