[CLOSED] Macau Hidden Find: Bar Celona Tapas and Rice at L2, 16 Rua de Venceslau de Morais

Bar Celona Tapas and Rice is ranked number ONE on TripAdvisor's Restaurants in Macau list. And for a good reason. It is such a hidden gem but so amazingly good that the interwebs exploded with people just recommending other people to go try out this Spanish (but actually Catalonian) restaurant tucked on the second floor of a de-script building in a very industrial and de-script estate.

This is what you will see when you climbed up the flight of stairs. I totally did not expect it. There was designer chairs, comfortable lighting, good ventilation and even some really huge windows to let in natural light!

There was also a bar area to have some drinks, or cava.

Here's the menu. Again, prices are outrageously affordable, and the selection of items are all handpicked by the handsome Spanish gentleman and owner of this place to be served to people of Macau. This, is real Spanish food.

We had an amazing trio of specially marinated olives, pickles and cheese (MOP48) to whet our appetitie. I am still dreaming of those anchovies, which are specially imported for their light and not too salty flavour. 

We started with some bread especially flown in from Spain because they could not find a good enough dough/flour to create the bread they have in mind. It is the special Catalan coca with garlic, olive oil and tomato (MOP28 or SGD4.40). Such dedication to staying true to their roots, it's mind-blowing. The bread is more well-travelled than I am!

We then had a platter of thinly sliced acorn-fed Iberico ham (MOP288 or SGD45). Notice the price difference. That's because it had to be specially imported, and its not just any regular pig that's been made into ham. I was told that the pigs run around on the hillsides, hence gaining some muscles, and eat only acorns fallen from the trees, which gives their meat that sweet clean flavor. Imagine that! Needless to say it was delicious.

Thanks, little pigs!

We also had Grandma's creamy Spanish croquettes with ham & chicken (MOP48 or SGD7.50) - simple, yummy, and comforting. At this rate, I am really going to find it hard to pick which ones you MUST order.

We had some fresh Spanish garlic on the house. Surprisingly it was not garlicky at all. We were all quite hesistant at first, but its like crunching on a not-so-sweet but fragrant apple!

Next, the fried egg with potato and chorizo (MOP48 or SGD7.50). Again crazy good (and would you look at the price???) The runny egg mixed with the potatoes and ham.. I suspect its a very Spanish/Catalan style type of dish you'll expect to find on every table there. Over here, we are so lucky to be able to taste it for ourselves. Yum!

Then the Catalan truffled cannelloni (MOP78 or SGD12.20) which was divine. I think I would pick this as a top recommendation if I have to, because it was just so exquisite and finely flavoured, with the thin pasta layer wrapping the meat and sprinkled with parmesan and truffles. Just talking about it is making me hungry for some.

We also had some marinated Iberico pork skewers (MOP78 or SGD12.20) which was very well-marinated. A bit chewy, but something that will go well with some beer or sparkling wine. As you can see in the background, there's some authentic and imported water from Catalan!

What's Spanish in Macau without some cod fish with sanfaina, Barcelona style (MOP128 or SGD20)? Again, another excellent dish for those wanting to have something lighter, but not compromise on the taste or textures. The safaina is like Spanish ratatouille, and roasted for a good part of the day.

Here's the very passionate owner showing us the mushrooms that was being roasted. He is really one amazing guy. There's so much dedication to details and perfection, it's just crazy. No wonder the food is so good. You can always tell!

We ended with a couple more mains such as the diced tender beef fillet with smoked eggplant (MOP148 or SGD23) which is 

We were shown some Spanish red prawns with garlic & chili (MOP 288 or SGD45), which we couldn't eat because we were so stuffed. Look at the size of that thing, with my hand to compare! It looked succulent and fresh, for sure.

Here's the talented chef behind the kitchen. You know your meal's in good hands!

Lastly, desserts! We had the Lemon sorbet with cave and passion fruit essence (MOP60 or SGD9.40) which was tangy, refreshing and quite strong! I'd prefer the bunuelos of warm chocolate with vanilla ice cream (MOP60) which was a classic pairing and both warm and cool. We couldn't ask for a better dessert to end off the huge lunch.

Probably one of the best Catalonian meals and meals (of all cuisines) I've ever had in my life. This is definitely a MUST-VISIT if you are in Macau. Eat more for me!

Bar Celona Tapas and Rice
Rue de Venceslau de Morais No 16, Industrial Fu Tai Res-Do-Chao B. Macau
Tel: (853) 28721084

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