Japanese Teppanyaki Buffet Lunch at Shima, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221

In case you are wondering if teppanyaki from Shima at Goodwood Park Hotel any good, let me save you the time and research and just give you the answer now. YES. If there is one teppanyaki restaurant you want to go to this year or the next, make that Shima. 

是吗?是, 是。(haha sorry I couldn't resist it).

Having recently renovated, this institution of a restaurant has been around since 1980, which makes it probably the oldest teppanyaki restaurant in Singapore! The interior has been updated, but they have kept the 1-inch thick cast iron griddles that has been around since the beginning because those things just get better with age and can spread and maintain heat like no other.

The teppanyaki lunch buffets are really value for money. It's

- $49.90++/pax on weekdays
- $59.90++/pax on weekends and public holidays (selection offers a few more dishes)

Because this is a buffet, it means you can order from the menu items as much as you like. FREE FLOW sashimi and everything!

We had the pleasure of having Sous Chef Victor Yok to prepare the teppanyaki for us. He was with Shima since 1984, and we could all tell how experienced he is in making the food. He also shared some tales with us of weird requests from customers over the years, including making full-vegetarian teppanyaki, and custom-making oyster omelette (he might do it for you if you ask nicely!)

The salmon sashimi was so fresh, so omega, so delicious. 

The prawn tempura was also a classic execution.

What we all liked quite a fair bit was the poached salmon in secret sauce ($25). Chef placed these well-portioned Norwegian salmon on aluminium containers, poured some home made sauce in, and let it sizzle for a quick beat. We could see the salmon turning color and smell it while it was cooking - that's the beauty of teppanyaki!

We also had some prawns, which was also good.

Followed by oysters, cooked on the griddle too! They are from Hokkaido. I've never had oysters prepared this way before. It was coated with a mix of garlic and seasoning, that mixes well with the small but flavorful oysters.

We also had teriyaki chicken, and no fault can be found with it.

The highlight of the meal was the beef. While Australian Tenderloin will typically be served on the buffet menu, we had the chance to try the US Tenderloin (available on ala carte menu, $45 for 120g). I'm sure any beef cooked by chef will taste amazing though.

Look at that! We all had our cameras ready to snap this fiery performance. It was over in a flash.

Resulting in perfection on a plate, like so. 
It tasted as good as you'd imagine (and how it'd looked).

We ended with some garlic butter fried rice (a bit too bitter for me. I'll recommend you to skip the rice and go for more salmon sashimi or beef if you are not a garlic rice fan).

There was also ice cream (sesame and matcha) as well as fruits for dessert, as we adjourned to another area away from the griddle to digest and chat. Actually I really liked the ice creams - they were creamy and smooth, so do look out for it and don't skip it thinking it's some average ice cream!

SHIMA at Goodwood Park is really THE place to go for teppanyaki, so do make a mental note to put down a weekend buffet lunch with family or friends. Otherwise it is also worth going for their ala carte dinner menu if you are a small but picky eater looking for some high quality Japanese teppanyaki.
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6734 6281
Open daily, lunch from 12noon to 3pm, dinner from 6pm to 10pm
Reservations for the lunch buffet are highly recommended to avoid any disappointment.

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