Event Report: Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014

I just got back from an electrifying performance by Hoobastank, courtesy of FIJI Water Singapore! I had loads of fun hanging out at the VIP area of The Coliseum, jamming to some of the less-known songs by the LA band. To be honest I didn't really know what other songs they have, until I heard a few familiar tracks which you would be able to find out on Youtube.

 We were well hydrated through out with the smooth and refreshing FIJI Water.

Not a huge crowd, but an enthusiastic one! 

Of course, THE REASON for us is to hear them play that song. Which drove the crowd wild!

Here it is, in its full glory. The lead singer's a bit pitchy, but really do sound good live, all things considering. Do you know it's been 10 years since they debuted the song?

After the song, the lead singer was saying how one of the most frequently asked questions they get is if they tire of playing the song all the time. And his answer is so good. He said they could never get tire of playing a song that so many people love, it's like you wouldn't get tired of singing Happy Birthday during birthdays right.

Have a great week ahead guys!

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