Weekend brunch: Salt grill and Sky bar at ION Orchard, #55-01, Singapore 238801

Available from 11am to 2pm during weekends and public holidays, Salt grill and Sky bar helmed by Chef Matthew Leighton has now introduced a delectable selection of brunch items for diners to enjoy! I'm so glad there's one more brunch option in town now during weekends - it's the perfect way to start the day, before going into the throngs of people to get what you want. For $40++, you get to make your own Brunch platter. It also comes with freshly squeezed fruit juice, and coffee or tea. 

When I arrived on a weekend morning, they were cleaning the windows, so you can see better. 

Skies were gloomy, which I actually loved. Gave it a really atmospheric and different feeling to the place.

Here's the Make Your Own Brunch menu. We are having 4 sets to share that day among 4. 

Quite a feat! Look at the lovely platters laid out! I think I once had a dream about this.

This is the Full Aussie Breakfast with poached eggs (you can have it any way), grilled toast, bacon, spinach, mixed mushroom. For sides we added the grilled wagyu sausages and grilled tomatoes. So this is probably what most people will think of ordering, but amongst the 4, not what I would recommend for you to order. Each item is good, especially the mushrooms, but lacks that oomph. Skip the sausage as an add-on as well - it was rather mediocre (sorry, sausage!) 

What I would recommend could possible be the next the classic brunch item. Eggs Benedict! It came with salmon gravlax, poached eggs on top of house made crumpets and spinach, topped by a light creamy hollandaise sauce. For this we added baked beans, and bacon. The add-ons are rather normal, but what stood out for this was the hollandaise sauce on perfectly poached eggs, on top of the most delicious crumpets I've had. They did it right by replacing the usual brioche or toast with it. This combination platter gave me more joy.

If you love french toast, then Salt has got you covered. Order the French toast with scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, mixed mushroom, no regrets. The toast was so rich with eggy goodness with a hint of sweetness from the fluffy soft bread. Ms-Skinnyfat, who was dining with us and a huge french toast fan loved it!

We also added the lovely rocket & pear salad with blue cheese and caramelized walnuts, as well as roast mushrooms with garlic butter. The rocket salad with blue cheese is a must try if you are a fan of blue cheese and rocket (not many people are). I am! So I will get this as my add-on.

Lastly, butter milk pancakes that came with brulee bananas and maple syrup ice cream, with added avocados and crumpets. This was actually more of a dessert than brunch, but I liked it as well. Maybe because it came with the creamy flavorful maple ice cream, that went so well with the bananas. The pancakes were light, fluffy and not too doughy. Couple that with the avocados and crumpets (must-order!) and that's a winner!

So now you know! If I were to choose my ideal brunch platter with sides, it would have to be french toast with blue cheese rocket salad, and crumpets. I don't mind bacon (who does?), or avocados or grilled tomatoes as well. For $40++ a platter it might seem a bit extravagant for brunch, but I reckon this could be shared among 2 if you are on a budget, but still want to dine finely while perched on top of Orchard Road, because each portion is really huge! Or you could share, get 2 platters for 3 to 4 people so there can be more variety. Whatever it is, this is one brunch YOU SHOULD TRY. Why waste your calories on sub-standard ground level brunch when you can have it at Salt? Haha!

Salt grill and Sky bar
55th and 56th floors, ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
+65 65925118
Brunch available on Weekends and PH: 11am - 2pm

Thanks to Food News PR and Salt for the invite!

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