I Love Mashups 2014

Merry Christmas guys! It's the time of the year again for my favorite best-of mashups 2014 music videos. Turned out this is a yearly tradition. Sharing with you all the awesome mashup songs of 2014 as compiled by the masters of mashups and some newcomers, which you can play during your gatherings and parties all the way till 31st December 2014.

As usual, DJ Earworm takes the cake with 9 mil views to his compilation since it was released mid December. It's the most obvious, but read on...

But Pop Danthology still does a better job, in my opinion.

I think Robin Skouteris' PopLove 3 is not bad too, especially the bass line.

There's also Mashup-Germany, not disappointing.

Check out a few relatively new players such as DJ Dreamport.

And MBMMIXES16 with a rather amateur but good attempt at mashup. Keep 'em coming!

Any other mashups I should check out? Anyway if you like mashups like I do please share this with your friends!

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