Life is Sweeter with Less Sugar: The myth about fruit juice

For most people, fruit juices represent a healthier alternative to packet or canned drinks, and in these days they are readily available at most coffee shops (though they are not cheap!). Fruit juices are indeed healthier because they contain vitamins and anti-oxidants that other sweetened beverages do not have. But today, in partnership with HPB’s Life is Sweeter with Less Sugar campaign, I’m going to share some facts with you that might make you rethink your third juice drink of the day.

Fact #1: All juices contain sugar.

Do you know that a 250ml cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice typically contains at least 4 teaspoons of sugar, even if it might taste sour to you? That’s because all fruits contain natural sugars. 

The WHO guideline for an adult’s daily sugar intake is approximately 10 teaspoons per day for adults, or 5% of your daily calorie intake.

So what?

We should not overdo the juices, no matter how freshly squeezed they are. Anything more than a glass a day is probably not that great. That $100 3-bottle-a-day juice cleanse detox plan? Really might not be the best thing for your body (and wallet).

Fact #2: Added sugars could be hidden in your drink. 

In fact, John Oliver actually did a segment about that for added sugars in products in America, where the problem is much worst.

So what?

For us, that will mean juices from packet/bottled sources could be sweetened even more, and stalls could actually add sugar syrup to their juices before giving it to you because the fruit was not ripened. No matter how healthy these beverages might sound or look, they contain a lot of added sugars on top of what’s already in there.

Fact #3: The choice is yours

Here’s a handy guide I made for you guys in case you’re wondering how much sugar is there in an apple, compared to a unsweetened packaged juice drink (250ml) with a Healthier Choice symbol, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a glass of sweetened juice from a tetra pack.

In the second row I have also listed some other common beverages you will find in coffeeshops, such as a canned drink, an unsweetened drink, a kopi and a kopi siu dai (less sweet).

Remember that the choice is yours when it comes to choosing a drink when you eat out to go with your meal. Fruit juices can be great for you if you stick to only one a day, and always try to go for fresh ones rather than packaged ones. After all, everything in moderation!

I hope I’ve managed to shed some information about the myth on fruit juices in this blog post. Currently there’s a Scratch and Win Promotion happening, brought to you by HPB.  Win attractive prizes or 50 cents off your next healthier drink with the consumption of less or no sugar beverages at participating coffeeshops, cafes, food courts hawker stalls and kiosks. Read more about the campaign in my previous blog post.

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