Lunchtime Takeaway: Foodology Fresh at The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069118

As busy office workers we all wish for a better lunch option that does not involve long queues in a hot and stuffy (also greasy!) environment that is good for us and easy to eat + takeaway. Foodology Fresh has understood that desire, and created the perfect healthy lunch time meal. Located at the URA Centre that's just beside the bustling Maxwell Food Centre, office workers in Tanjong Pagar can now hop over and grab a sandwich, salad or wrap to go! I had the chance to go for a tasting, and found everything to be super up to scratch.

Everything is prepared fresh every morning. Hence the name Foodology FRESH.

I also loved their selection of drinks, and snacks!

The place works like a cafeteria concept. Take what you want and then go to the counter to pay. They can help heat up quiches and sandwiches for you there.

We tried several salads, all 3 of their soups, a wrap, and a few dessert options. I also took home a quiche, which worked really well as breakfast the next day. It was eggy and savoury when toasted and the quiche pastry still delightful. 

Of their soups, the Wild Mushroom Soup is a clear winner for mushroom lovers, while I preferred the Pumpkin Soup (vegetarian) which is thick, creamy and full of flavor. The Chicken Stew was also thick and rich. I would definitely recommend you to go for the soups when there!

Of the salads we tried, I liked both equally, with the Quinoa Summer Salad being really refreshing and light. It has creamy avocados and juicy tomatoes to add pops of textures and flavors.

The Smoked Duck Breast Salad was also really enjoyable, because of the mixture of surprising fruits, vegetables and nuts. In here, on top of the smoked duck, there was pumpkin, beetroot, feta cheese and candied walnuts!

Lastly, for desserts you should definitely try the Apple Crumble Tart and Summerberry Yogurt Tart, even though there are other items like muffins and tarts available.

Foodology Fresh is a great lunch option for those busy bees working in offices all day. Prices might be slightly steep for it to be an everyday affair (unless you are erm, earning super high expat pay) compared to a plate of chicken rice at $3, but I could see having it once a week being good in adding some fibre and greens to your lunch routine.

Foodology Fresh
45 Maxwell Road, #01-02, Singapore 069118
+65 62239724
Monday to Friday from 8am - 6pm

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