PHILIPS Noodle Maker Singapore: Alexis' Rainbow Aglio Olio Recipe

The weather can be dreary and gray sometimes. But not your dining table! I've created a dish called Rainbow Aglio Olio which I have created with my brand new Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker! I made 1.25 kg worth of noodles/pasta just to create this from scratch. Doesn't it just look absolutely delish? Recipe below!

The Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker retails for SGD$329 and is really simple, easy and convenient to use. You can now make your very own noodles at home which is healthy, delicious and organic. You can even come up with weird flavors like coffee pasta.. matcha ramen.. and milk noodles, and in different shapes (you get 4 different moulds)!
Here's how to make Rainbow Aglio Olio.
Prepare 250g of all-purpose flour, and 95ml of liquid. For the noodles' liquids, I used:

Beetroot juice
Carrot juice
Egg + lemon juice
Spinach juice
Blue coloring (I can't find anything that's blue, naturally!)

You will also need

Virgin olive oil
Garlic and chili, chopped
A few prawns, boiled and put into iced water after
Parsley, salt/pepper and Italian herbs, for garnish

Here's the noodle making process. My mum was helping me, and it was so fun to do it together. She really liked the machine too, so stamp of approval from the kitchen expert!

I set all my noodles to be churned for 8 minutes. The brilliant part about the noodle maker is that you do not have to knead or mix anything, it will do it for you! After which, it will start coming out from the mould! For the yellow and orange, I used the original spaghetti mould.

For the green noodles, I used the angel hair pasta mould!

This is the fettucine mould. It's hollow! Then chop them up.

The beetroot is delightfully red! All of the coloring (save the blue) are really good for you.

Here they are! After which, take a fifth of each and boil them in a pot of water for 1 serving of the dish. You can add a bit of oil and salt in it if you like.

Next, cover a dry pan with a layer of virgin olive oil. Put in a generous handful of chopped garlic and chili padi when it is hot enough, until they start browning at the sides. Add in noodles when it does, and start frying all of them up. Throw in the boiled prawns (soaked in ice water) last. I added in the blue pasta after this.

Add parsley, salt and pepper and Italian herbs for garnish. There you have it! It's super simple to cook once you have all the noodles ready. The lemon juice really made a difference in giving the pasta a light refreshing tang. Try it!

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Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this recipe, made possible by the Philips Noodle Maker!

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