Jalan Besar Food Trail by Sugar App - The Bravery, Suprette and 1925 Microbrewery/Restaurant

I was invited to another food trail, this time round the very up and coming Jalan Besar area, by the folks at Sugar

What is Sugar? 

Source: Yahoo News x Vulcan Post
It is a discovery app (Android and iOS download at http://www.wewantsugar.com/) that features deals around you which you can then skim (which is to shave off a few cents), and for every share you make on social media or whatsapp the price will drop further (there's a limit though). 

The coolest part about Sugar is that it is not a Groupon deal, but meant for you to discover great deals and places because they only offer 1 deal per establishment. And once that is snatched up by someone who decided the price is low enough, it is gone for the day. (PS: I've managed to get a bottle of craft beer next to my workplace for $2 -- that's how awesome it is. Every day new places are added to the app).

Sugar Rush @ Jalan Besar Food Trail

We went to 3 places that night. First up, The Bravery at 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209703 which gave us a taste of their revamped menu. Old favorites like the Beef Ciabatta is still there (blogged about it before), but I must say, among all 3 I am the most surprised by The Bravery, which served up savoury items like Mushroom Soup and the Brave Bergedil (pasta) which I highly recommend next time you are there.

I really like the atmosphere in The Bravery. It is super hidden behind some semi-transparent industrial doors, so you just need to be sure of the address, and walk in. They are open until 8pm, and closed on Tuesdays.

We had nice mushroom soup to start. For a small 'kitchen' (if you even call it that), it's surprising what comes out of it.

The ciabatta was ok. Very generous portions.

They added a burger, which is quite 'shiok', though not necessarily what I'll order.

The pasta is super good. Must order!

The pancakes were also strangely addictive even though it looked so thick and cloying, it was actually light and fluffeh. 

Next stop, Suprette at 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001, where we had a great many dishes including French Toast with Berries. Unfortunately I didn't really think I'll distract myself with them, and go straight for their famous Suprette Burger if I do visit, because that's really good. (also blogged about them previously).

And lastly, Microbrewery and Restaurant at 369 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208997 called The 1925, which is named after a story from the co-founder's family background. I really liked the industrial raw concrete / exposed pipes type of decor - you could tell there's a lot of effort placed into it.

The first floor seems mostly for drinks and the beers are right behind the counter, brewing!

We sampled some dishes. The Crispy Egg Aglio Olio ($16) was really spicy and quite unique with the crunchy textures. The food I find quite normal, good for pairing with beer but not gastronomical.

What I really liked was this Ziegfied Follies dessert cocktail (available on the Sugar app) that consists of Absolut Vanilla, Boiron Strawberry Puree, Heavy Cream, Gomme Syrup and Kapiti Strawberry Ice Cream. It absolutely tasted like strawberry cheesecake in a glass, that you slurp not eat. It was super yummy and I highly recommend for you to grab the deal if you see it on the app! Of course, do also give their house brewed beers a try when you are there too!

What an apt ending to a Sugar Rush food trail organized by the Sugar app guys! I really enjoyed myself during the food trail meeting new people and discovering these places. Remember to download the app if you haven't already and give it a go to see what's there!

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