Beer on Tap: Druggists at 119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207547

I visited a really cool craft beer place today situated at the Chinese Druggist Association (beside Tiramisu Hero at Jalan Besar) called Druggists -- they have taken over the first floor of the Association and have only been operational for 10 days. Like Chye Seng Huat, they have maintained the exterior and loads of what's inside, but modernized it. Beer's a drug too right?

The interior feels like an air-conditioned 'kopitiam', with the marble top tables and retro coffeeshop chairs. Not to mention the lovely original floor tiles! The signboard reads in Chinese, tiger jaguar hall. What?

There's some food, but don't expect to find things like truffle fries, burgers or wings (they have already exclaimed that they don't sell it at the entrance). Instead, really local beer snacks, and even some rice to go with your sambal anchovies if you decide to go old-school simple. But nothing filling (so have lunch or dinner first or after).

And here's the 23 types of beer on tap! Ask the friendly staff for a recommendation, and try to be specific. Otherwise, the De Molen Pale Ale and To-OL Cloud 9 are light, refreshing and not too hoppy. They also have this Imperial Stout that you must try if you are a stout aficionado. For me, the Lindemans Apple Fruit Beer ($8 for half pint) is really fun to drink. Prices are on the slightly high side, but then again if you just want to get hammered with beer cross the road to the coffeeshop for a quart of Carlsberg please.

Here's the owner, pouring out some deliciousness from the magic wall of golden taps. So shiny.

There's also a lounge area if you walk in. I really like the decor, especially the wall of chinese names and donation amounts (very typical Chinese thing).

Here's my brother at the tap. Yeap, even the water tap is a tap (like a beer dispenser tap). 
Coooool. This is the 'backyard' area where you can sit alfresco, though it's pretty warm in the afternoon without air con.

So it seems like craft beers are finally taking root in Singapore, with more and more places offering craft beers and different types of beer on tap than the usual Tiger beer. Some might say that they are the Third Wave Beer, as millennials like us look for the story and the craft behind the product instead of the actual product itself. That's not to say that the product is not of high quality of course. That's paramount still. 

Finally, more options in Jalan Besar area for drinks! I really enjoyed trying the different beers, and wish Druggists a big success! I'll be sure to drop by again soon to try more beers, and I'll recommend for anyone to do the same too.
119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207547
Tuesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 11pm
Closed on Mondays

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