Cafe Hangout: Tolido's Espresso Nook at 462 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190462

Tolido's Espresso Nook is a hidden gem of a cafe at Crawford Lane (near Lavender MRT) that is just a few minutes away from the famous Tai Hwa Ba Chor Mee (45 mins queue!) that serves up decent coffee (beans from Yahava) and food. They have quite value for money lunch sets where you can just top up $2 for a cup of coffee (iced or otherwise). They've been around for a while, but I've only recently gone to check it out (late last year, and again today). Do also check out the halal pastry/bakery shop beside after when you're done!

Lovely interior, though it could smell a bit greasy during peak hours.

They had innovative drinks like Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Seasalt Caramel Lattes and even a Kopi Latte. Those cost about $6 (pretty much like a Starbucks pricing and even taste).

Food-wise, the aglio olio is alright, though most people could probably whip up a better one at home (for those inclined to culinary arts).

I quite liked the Turkey Ham Mac and Cheese ($10)! It's just the right amount of cheesiness. Very comfort food. In fact, mac and cheese is really one of my top fav comfort food.

They also sell TRUFFLE fries
I liked that they used the skinny fries (but not shoestring like at PS).

Also tried out their Prawn Laksa Pasta ($16.80). It wasn't that great though, I found the sauce a bit too sweet, not spicy enough, and for my colleague, there wasn't enough sauce. But another colleague loved it (just right she said!) So to each their own~

Lastly, my other colleague had the Waffle Slammer and in case you're wondering, the verdict was that the waffle wasn't great (room temperature, not crispy or buttery) but the scrambled eggs were super delish (creamy, smooth, eggy). Now you know!

Tolido's Espresso Nook is a great little space for a quiet coffee (they have wifi for working) in the afternoon or something different for lunch! I have a feeling their brunch food will be decent as well. Check them out if you are around the Jalan Sultan or Lavender area.

Tolido's Espresso Nook
462 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190462
Tue - Sun: 9am to 9pm
Closed on Mondays
+65 66480178

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