Cooking Essentials: Ethan's Gourmet Grocer at #B1, 50 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787494

For those who are sick of the usual grocery stores, even the premium ones, there's a new grocer in town that stocks fresh beef, seafood and Japanese food and snacks located at the basement level of the Entrepreneur Centre at 50 Tagore Lane (just beside Yio Chu Kang Road, nearest MRT YCK). The shop is not big, but has everything you need to make cooking a joy.

Of particular note are these lovely Marusho cherry tomatoes from Japan! At $7 a punnet they are not expensive, but these are so worth it! I've never tried tomatoes like these before. Sweet (3x sweeter!), explosive, fragrant. Call in advance if you want some as they only fly these in once or twice a month - the farm in Japan only exports 70 boxes of tomatoes a month of which is carried at Ethan's Gourmet, making it the only place to carry them outside of Japan. If only I can grow some! 

Then there's the Tajima beef steaks (Kobe wagyu) and all the lovely cuts of meat. Do you know that among all the wagyu breeds, Tajima wagyu is most prized for its ability to develop high degrees of marbling? The cattle are all purebreds and raised in the Hyogo prefecture in Japan before being certified as Kobe beef.

Would you look at the marbling? With these you don't need any type of marinate - simple salt and pepper will suffice!

There are also other snacks available

Including frozen spinach and peas from Japan. How amazing is that? Stunned vegetables?

We had Chef Peter Rollison, Executive Chef of Flutes at the Museum Singapore to serve up some food made from all the ingredients found at the grocer.

This was simply wonderful. The beef really just melted in my mouth!

The pork chop was good too.

As is the very interesting Amadai fish, which you can eat with the crispy crunchy and scaly skin!

Then a fat juicy grilled scallop on top of peas and truffle squid ink. Again a delight to pop into my mouth! All the ingredients used were super fresh.

I really enjoyed my visit and tasting of their wonderful groceries at Ethan's (named after the co-owner's son!). I'll highly recommend any curious cooks and chefs to check out the place. Pretty soon you can also order online at, so watch out for that. 

Ethan's Gourmet Grocer
Tagore Industrial Park #B1‐01
Entrepreneur Centre, 50 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787494
+65 63728809
Tues toSun, 11am to 7pm
Closed on Mondays

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