Event Report: Magnum Infinity Playground in Singapore

So I attended an Adult Playground last week. Wait, before your head strays, it's not what you think it is. It's actually an event organized by Magnum for Pleasure Seekers to launch their Magnum Infinity ice cream, which is now out in stores! Why infinity, you might ask? Well that's because the chocolate layer we are all so familiar with have been coated with cocoa nibs (from Tanzania no less) which gives you even longer lasting taste and pleasure. I had the pleasure to try it when an awesome media kit was sent to me, along with 2 dozen ice creams!

On to the event itself! It is the world's first Infinity Playground, containing 3 main installations for adults to have fun at.

The place was packed with good looking people.

Look I'm on the wall! Plus I captured a photo of me with another capture... so that's like infinity, right?

First up we had the Mirror Room -- where you step in and there's a thousand reflections of you, very psychedelic.

And then there's the Infinity Slide

And lastly, the Infinity Swing! Wooh~! I had so much fun swinging up there. Looks like I'm carrying laser beams? Pew pew!

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Thanks MagnumSG for the invite to this fun event!

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