Korean FC Review: Choo Choo Chicken at Cineleisure #03-06 Singapore 239695

I'm kinda into Korean fried chicken recently. I don't know why... but I no longer have KFC cravings. Instead now they are the other kind of KFC! And my partner in crime is none other than @stooffi. It's tough to find partners in crime nowadays to indulge in unhealthy or sinful food, but everyone knows that fried chicken is best enjoyed with friends (and beer, for some).

We tried Chir Chir at 313@Somerset basement a couple weeks back during the long Labour Day weekend and found it quite yummy. Then there's Bonchon nearby at ION, which might just be slightly better because of their price point. I would say that Chicken Up at Tanjong Pagar's the worst. I waited 2.5 hours just to get the food, and they were so mediocre! 

It's thus with slight trepidation to check out Choo Choo Chicken after Steph saw it on Instagram that they have a new branch at Cineleisure Level 3, other than their Bugis branch! It's not a big place and more of a casual dining joint.

They have this really awesome lunch set going on while we were there. Fried chicken plus rice burger for under $12 bucks? Good deal!

Apparently they are famous for this Rose bowl thing, but the true test lies in the chicken....

Which really exceeded all expectations! The chicken was so juicy and yummy! The soy set I would say had more flavour than the Garlic one that stooffi picked, but what's equally awesome was the mini bulgogi rice burger. I polished that off even before starting on my chicken because it was so good -- the seaweed taste is there, amidst the pearl rice. And inside there's a layer of thinly chopped kimchi (not too spicy or pungent at all) and a tiny bit of bulgogi minced meat with some mayonnaise. The combination when all taken together though, is just magical.

Anyway stooffi made a video of us having first taste -- the expressions literally, verdict and some FOOD PORN. Enjoy! 

If you are in town and hankering for some KFC without having to queue or bust your wallet, check out Choo Choo Chicken at Cathay Cineleisure and give them some business because their chicken is really one of the best I've had so far in SG!

Choo Choo Chicken (Cineleisure)
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road #03-06 Singapore 239695
+65 6299 0980
Noon to 11pm daily

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