Food Review: Legendary HK Dim Sum and Cantonese at Jurong Point, Singapore 648331

Ever dreamt of flying out of Singapore to Hong Kong for a good lunch? Well I have. But unfortunately air travel seldom works that way. However, I've discovered a place in Singapore that will transport you all the way to HK without having to step onto a plane! That secret is hidden well in the far West of SG in Jurong Point 2, in this HK-themed street section on the third level (opposite NTUC Fairprice) called Mongkok Street. Over there you will find gaudy signs and shops, among which Legendary HK is situated. Walking in and the decor immediately takes you to a HK Cha Chan Teng (teahouse) with the tiled floors and Chinese restaurant chairs. 

Legendary HK serves up about 20 types of dim sums and lots more authentic Cantonese dishes, which you can order from the paper. Prices are very reasonable, which is why the place is always busy even during lunch time during week days!

We sampled some of the dim sum, including the Mini Custard Crust Buns with Salted Egg Yolk ($5 for 3), which though tasty, was not really as satisfying as it can be because the custard did not really 'flow'.

The har gow ($5.50) were packed generously with fresh springy prawns. Skin can be thinner, but no complaining when it comes to value.

Highlight from the dim sum I've tried would be this unique Thick Rice Flour Roll with Deep Fried Shrimp Spring Roll ($5.50). Definitely recommend everyone to order this if you're having dim sum! My personal favorite.

The century egg and pork porridge ($6.80) is a must-have when having dim sum. Nothing fancy, just a good bowl of congee.

We also tried some of their savoury dishes, including the very definitive wanton noodles ($6.80), both in soup and dry forms ($7.80). It's on par with your Crystal Jade variety, except the noodles here are much more generous and springy!

Oyster sauce. Secret ingredient to a lot of noodles/veg dishes. The portions are really big so I'll suggest two to share if getting the noodles!

Then we come to the highlight of dinner. The honeyed barbequed pork aka char siew ($10) and roasted London duck ($14.80 per portion, $30 for half and $58 for whole)

I would wax lyrical about these meats... you can already tell from the photo how juicy and succulent they are right? They were absolutely delicious, and really seriously affordable.

The London duck apparently comes from Silver Hill Farm, the same farm that Fat Duck in London gets their Irish ducks from. These ducks are all free range and fed with the best ingredients so they develop that fat to meat proportion. Legendary HK is the only restaurant in Singapore to import ducks from Silver Hill so you won't be able to get this elsewhere. Really... if Jurong Point is not so far I'll go there every week just for the duck!

Lastly, we had some Tomato and Pork Slices soup ($13.80) because what's a Cantonese meal without some soup? It was comforting despite the strange combination of ingredients. A hearty soup for a family gathering type of dinner.

And these are the lovely companions I had for the tasting - 365days2play, Camemberu and SgFoodonFoot. Wishing The Hungry Cow all the best in his future adventures!

Legendary HK did a great job serving up a super hearty and delicious dinner enjoyed between friends and foodies. I would really recommend everyone to check out this restaurant for their affordable dim sums and that duck...!
Legendary Hong Kong
Jurong Point 2, 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80, Singapore 648331
Open from 8am to 11pm daily (closed from 2-5.30pm)
+65 67941335

Thanks to Food News PR and Legendary HK for the invite!

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