Lunch Sandwiches: Park Bench Deli opens at 179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627

Are you ready to look at the best sandwiches in your life before you taste them? I attended the media preview of Park Bench Deli Singapore's opening last Friday at 179 Telok Ayer Street (within walking distance from Downtown line stop) and got myself treated to an array of awesome sandwiches by chefs Ming Tan and Andrei Soen who hailed from Lolla and The Cajun Kings respectively. They've built up a lot of hype with those sandwiches with pop-up events in the past, and finally opened up officially for business from Mondays to Fridays 8am to 6pm! 

Here's what they have to offer:

It's an open kitchen concept in a very well-decorated shophouse, which we found used to be a stationary shop. There's a hint of grease in the air when the grill is making delicious food but nothing to worry about, especially if you are wolfing down a sandwich in 5 minutes or grabbing something to go.

Here Chef Ming was explaining to us how Park Bench Deli was conceptualized - by two hungry chefs who really wanted good hearty sandwiches after a long day.

We had some sides first, of which the Potato Salad ($6) was just out of this world good. Those bacon bits...! If you had to get 1 side, get this.

On to the sandwiches. We tried a total of 4 that day, starting with the delectable Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich ($16). Even though it might seem a bit pricey, that's because you get a whole 6 incher chock full of thinly sliced high quality beef coated with generous layers of cheese, and caramalized onions.

Look at that! I like that the buns are firm but not too crusty or hard on the outside so it doesn't cut my tongue or roof of mouth when I try to stuff it in (it's a legit concern!)

Then.. with hunger pang edges dulled, we moved on to FRIED CHICKEN. Yes, you've heard right. It's a Southern-style Fried Chicken sandwich ($14) with coleslaw. The buns have been hollowed out so it can accommodate the meat, which has the perfect proportion of crispy skin, fats and juicy chicken thigh. It is probably my favorite among the lot because, fried chicken (do I need to say more?)

Then on to something more Asian inspired - of course it had to be pork. It's the Kong Bak Banh Mi ($14), made with sous vide pork belly cooked in rich dark sauce (or "zhup" if we're being colloquial), reminiscent of "kong ba" from the "kong ba bao", but dressed with some Vietnamese greens, hence the "banh mi". The was flavorsome, salty (not in the bad way) and oozes with the goodness from the pork belly. 

Lastly, we had the Torta ($15), which is a Mexican flavored pulled pork sandwich. The bun was first covered with a layer of guac (yum!), before pulled pork was added, then the toppings of various peppers, etc before a sprinkling of crunchy pork fats. Sinful you'll think, but the pork managed to retain a light, airy, pulled flavor instead of overwhelming with flavour, allowing you to taste the avocados and the salsa/jalepenos. This is great for people who love Mexican flavours.

Well what's the verdict you'll ask? If you don't already know or have basically glossed through all my ravings for the awesome sandiwches at Park Bench Deli, just know that it is good, go and try! I'll recommend the Potato Salad + the Fried Chicken or Cheese Steak sandwich.
Park Bench Deli
179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627
Mondays 12–4PM, 5–9:30PM
Tuesday, Wed, Thur, Fri 10:30AM–4PM, 5–9:30PM
Saturdays 10:30AM–4PM
Sundays closed
+65 68154600

This is how one gets 1k+ followers in seconds. With good food!

Thanks to Park Bench Deli for the invite and feeding us breakfast, lunch, brunch and tea. Because after that all I could eat was dinner...

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