Ramen Review: New Chabuton at Milllenia Walk #02-15, Singapore 039596

Well, are you? Up for the Spicy Yoruton Ramen Challenge at Chabuton?

I had the pleasure to try out the new Chabuton outlet at Millenia Walk (after having an awesome tasting at their sister restaurant Saboten at 313 Somerset) for their ramen. The Chabuton chain's opened by Michelin-starred Chef Ysuji Morizumi and has a certain standard. I'm actually quite a big ramen fan in the past, having tried all the notable ones in Singapore, but have of late moved past ramen to other pastures. 

When I heard about the Spicy Ramen challenge, the first thing I asked was, erm, are there any non-spicy ramen that I can try instead? Because I am a huge spice wuss. I really cannot eat spicy food (of course I failed at the Korean Fire Noodle challenge)! I was assured that there will be non-spicy ramen. Yes. Ok, I'm there.

We first started with some small dishes that you can order as sides. The pork belly was exceptionally good. The rest was alright, though the char siew with rice (a small bowl) is also a great accompaniment. That, and a half bowl ramen, is actually enough to fill your stomach!

The feast for the 3 of us, including a bowl of regular ramen which I really enjoyed (with the egg!). It's worthwhile to come by Chabuton for that, if you cannot eat spicy food.

But if you can take spicy food, and abusing your tongue is one of those things you particularly enjoy, there's this Level 5 ramen. We also had a Level 3, and concluded that the difference is just in the amount of chili that gets smacked onto the bowl. Look at the chili seeds!

I tasted 2 bites of it and it was just fire fire fire in my mouth. Unlike the Korean Fire Noodles that slowly starts to burn at a crazy, increasingly intense level, the spice here is immediate and sharp. It hits you like a punch in your face and then leaves you to sting in pain. But my dining companions actually managed to eat more than just a mouthful each. Apparently it is not THAT spicy. Really???

You've gotta find out for yourself. The Yoruton Ramen Challenge will end by 31 July, so head to any Chabuton outlet (one in 313 and one at Millenia Walk) to give your tastebuds some exquisite torture. Otherwise, order any of their ramen and have a good time with it!

Chabuton Millenia Walk
#02-15, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 68370335
From 11.30am to 10pm daily

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