Best cakes in SG: Mad about Sucre at 27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334

This is the story of how 4 friends ended up eating 5 cakes. We walked into Mad About Sucre after sharing 2 appetizers and 3 main courses at The Lokal on a Wednesday night, and two of our friends have pre-ordered 4 cakes because they have tried and loved it. We saw one more on display which looked delicious and figured that we'll try all of them.

The shophouse was decorated like a classic French cafe, with a little corner to sell knick knacks at the entrance. Very pleasant, not noisy and boisterous, perfect for tea and cakes after dinner.

Cakes are arranged by order of intensity, starting from the lightest to the heaviest (the chocolates), left to right. It's $10.80-$12.80 each, and you can pre-order them for special occasions by sizes - Small ($60), Medium ($90) and Large ($120). They also do custom cakes which you can check out their pricing here.

Also, the unique thing about Mad about Sucre is that every cake is paired with a cup of uniquely blended tea, meant to complement the cake. Now that's just heavenly matchmaking!

We started with the Coco Citron, made with coconut mousse, light lemon curd, shattered crystals and sablee tart. It was paired with a very delicate French pear with Japanese yuzu, white orchid and Tibetan chrysanthemum tea. I loved this cake very much because even though I normally dislike desiccated coconut, this was light, but blended so well with the lemon curd which did not overwhelm. I think that's what everyone likes about this! 4.5/5

Next, the Luna de Miele, also known as the Moon of the Honey. It consists of French spring honey mousse, blood orange caviar, grapefruit as a surprise, savore sponge and short pastry base. I like how this was inspired by the blood moon lunar eclipse. Very creative, and tasted pretty damn good! It was paired with a slightly lighter tea of French apple, Spanish blue ginger, Tibetan camomile and Cambodian honeycomb. 3.8/5

Then the best of the lot - the Passionne, made of light cheese with passionfruit, sponge soaked with dew of passionfruit, sweet short pastry and cocoa nip crunch. It was paired with tea of Spanish blood orange, California carrots, Cambodian mango, specifically to clash with the cake's strong flavours. The creamy but airy texture was enhanced when you have some of the husk of the cocoa nips that went with it. 4.8/5

Then we had the Almond and Vanilla (not actual name), which was paired with tea of African lychee and Moroccan roses. It was described by Eric, host of the cafe as, "Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on the same stage. Because vanilla and almond are powerhouse flavours that they are bringing back."

Here's how it looks once you cut it open. Beautiful! We all enjoyed it, but truthfully when compared to all the other cakes, this would get voted off the stage, only because it's more appealing for almond lovers, and the center surprise was not as perceptible. 3.5/5

Lastly we had the piéce de resistance, the San Domingue ($12.80). There's a chocolate jewel box filled with rum that you break first so that it surrounds the sphere of 70% dark chocolate mousse that coats a caramelized plantain center. Bananas, chocolate and rum? Of course that is a sure win! It was paired with tea of Moroccan mint with Cambodian lemongrass and Japanese green tea with Vietnamese lotus flower to help cleanse your palate. If there's a third cake that I'd come back for, it will be this. 4/5

We might have had 5 of the best cakes in Singapore. It is really that good. If there is one cake shop that you have to try this year, go to Mad About Sucre, and be willing to spend because every penny is worth it.
Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088334
+65 6221 3969
Tue - Thu: 12:30 - 22:30, Fri - Sat: 12:30 - 23:00, Sun: 12:30 - 17:00
Last Orders 30 mins Before Closing
Closed Mondays

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  1. Seriously this is one of the best cake cafes around... I won't hesitate going back to spend some heard earned moolah on these cakes & the aromatic teas!