Cantonese Weekend Brunch: Mitzo at L4, Grand Park Orchard, 270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857

Where can I go for dim sum that is not filled with grumpy middle-aged ladies with selective vision, you might wonder. Or you might hanker for a dining experience that wraps around traditional Cantonese food like a multi-coloured crystal skin. Haven't had enough alcohol on Friday night and want to catch up? Well, Mitzo's Weekend Brunch at Grand Park Orchard might be your answer! Available every weekends and public holidays at $68++ per person, there are over 40 Cantonese dishes served over six courses (roasts, dim sum, appetiser or soup, main course, rice, noodles or congee, desserts), buffet-style. I also had the pleasure to try the brunch with free-flow alcohol ($118++), which was even more pleasurable.

Walking into the restaurant is like a trip to a mini Wonderland. I loved the tinted windows (escape from the heat! the haze! humanity!) that gave the place a muted Insta-filter effect. Coupled with colourful reflective surfaces and mod furniture, the combined effect was nothing sort of awesome. Now this is a 'Chinese restaurant' I can relax in. Apparently, Mitzo is a loose translation of honeyed red dates in Cantonese, and not a Japanese name, even if it might seem so!

My dining companion, the lovely +YH Wang (Instagram: spoiltbytes). Love her Instagram pics -- go check it out!

There's also a bar which had a tankful of baby jellyfish in the background. Hopefully they grow up big and strong and end up as a cold dish. Other than that, there are 3 different drink 'recipes' which you'd find at the bar for you to make! I loved the interactive elements of pouring all the ingredients together (other than the fizzy soda) into a shaker and shake shake shaking it.

All 3 drinks are made with 'Asian-infused' herbs, tea and spices. For example, the Scented Twister, which has a cognac-infused jasmine tea base shaken with homemade goji berry syrup and lemon juice topped with guava soda, or the Berry Delight made with vodka-infused mixed flower tea, shaken with apple rose syrup and lemon juice, topped with cranberry soda, and the Brilliant Stardust with a gin-infused chrysanthemum tea as base, ginger syrup and lemon juice, a hint of rose water, topped with apple soda.

We tried 2 out of 3 (the Chrysanthemum and Guava one), and found each to be excellent. Very fruity, refreshing and complex cocktails made for weekend brunches.

Since it is free flow, you are free to order more drinks after you are done! We tried 2 from the menu, prepared by the mixologist (probably more complex to try and shake it ourselves) - the Shiso Mojito (friend), and Ginseng Daiquiri (me). They were also more strong flavoured - less fruity/soda-like, more serious. Seriously good, that is! 

Here's the weekend brunch menu. The chef of Mitzo was from a Michelin-starred restaurant in NYC before, and before that, hailed from Club Chinois. So you know you're in good hands. Their signature dishes are the char siew (honeyed barbequed pork), and roast meat. Of course. There were many other items here, and I doubt you can even order more than 1 portion of each even if you could.

Food porn time. I really enjoyed the double-boiled soup of the day, which was pork ribs with melon. Super homely, nourishing and comforting (probably great for hangovers). The char siew was also out of this world. No wonder it is their signature dish! The exterior of the barbequed pork was caramelized to perfection, coated with sticky, sweet and slightly crispy skin. The meat itself was tender, juicy and beyond fault. The roast pork belly on the other hand, was average in comparison. It was good, but not as epic as the char siew.

We also had other dishes such as har gow and siew mai (both exquisite), and then some mains like crispy prawns with spicy mango sauce (weird, but nice), pan-fried ribeye in wasabi and Korean chilli (so-so), truffle udon (surprisingly good because it's very plain, but fragrant with the truffle), and wasabi-infused baked fish (creative, fresh).

Then the dessert highlight of the day - the Custard Bun, or what's commonly known as Liu Sha Bao (flowing sand bun). This wasn't in the dessert section, but by then we were stuffed like baos, and decided to end the meal with it. Best decision ever. The bun was so fluffy and fragrant (pandan!), and had textured sesame and sunflower seeds on top.

Opening it revealed a watery than normal (but still strong flavoured) custard made with what felt like a lot of butter and salted egg yolks.

Do I think its worth it? Yes. Money can be earned, experiences like this can't. I would urge everyone to try this at their Weekend Brunch once for a different experience than Mitzo at night for dinner because the food and drinks are of high quality that is worth every $118++.
Mitzo Restaurant & Bar
Level 4, Grand Park Orchard, 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11.30am to 2.30pm
Tel: 6603 8855

Thanks to Spoiltbytes, Bless Inc and Mitzo for the invite!

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