Italian Dinner: La Braceria Pizza and Grill at 5 Greendale Ave, Singapore 289501

Where does one find good Italian food in Singapore? Well, recently I tried out a small restaurant near Greenwood Avenue called La Braceria Pizza and Grill and found that it is a super authentic place for Italian food! There's a newly appointed Chef Giovanni Minarelli who had years of experience in various restaurants in Italy. In fact, I also found out that the restaurant has been endorsed by the Embassy of Italy for its authenticity, which probably is the highest mark of distinction for Italian food here.

We first tried the foie gras with parma ham, melon and a shot of Limoncello (a type of lemon liqueur which is very Italian) ($20). Simple, strong flavours to start off your palate and get you slightly tipsy. It was alright, but perhaps a little bit too much. 3/5

Start instead with the Antipasto di Mare ($24), which is their seafood salad with three types of fish and seafood, which depends on what is the catch of the day. It could range from Italian clams (pictured) to Australian mussels, Sicilian octopus or Italian prawns (pictured). The clams in white wine were particularly enjoyable, and all the seafood fresh. 3.5/5

We then had the Capelli di Angelo con Salsa di Peproncino ($26) which means Angel Hair Pasta with Hot Chilli Peppers. It does not look like it, but those peppers mean business! It is super spicy. I couldn't really take chili, but I know this is something spice lovers will enjoy. The sauce coated every strand of pasta evenly as well. Quite the comfort food if you can get over the spice. 3.5/5

Here I was, ignorant of the fact that this is a plate of fire.

Something more mild to douse the flames would be the Panzerotti di Pasta Fresca alla Burrata con Pomodorini Cherry e Basilico ($22) which means Ravioli with Fresh Burrata served with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil. Unfortunately I found this way too mild and rather quiet in terms of textures or flavour. Perhaps a little bit more spring in the pasta could make it more exciting. 2/5

We also tried their 4-cheese pizza which had 'leopard spots' that marked a good pizza. Can you see the wood-fired oven at the background? That's what made the pizza really good! I would highly recommend trying out the pizzas here. 4/5

And then, the piece de resistance. A Costata di Wagyu ($145 for 3 to 4 people, $12/100g). This 1.2kg grilled tomahawk wagyu bone-in steak was just amazing to look at, because I get full just looking at it. However I did find it difficult to cut out the meat and eat as a lot of it was charred, and I prefer my steak just as a tidy little medium rare piece in front of me. I would say get this for a huge group of people for fun, but if you're there with 1 or 2 others, get their pizzas and seafood starter.

Lastly, because there's always room for dessert, we had a sample of 4 of their desserts on a plate. The chocolate drenched profiteroles were ok, but the tiramisu and lemon cake were great! 3/5 Skip the cheesecake, which tasted rather odd.

Visit La Braceria for authentic Italian food, which is surprisingly hard to find nowadays given the numerous Italian restaurants popping up here and there. Just know what to order based on my recommendations above and you'll be fine!

La Braceria Pizza and Grill
5 Greendale Avenue, Singapore 289501
Lunch 12:30 - 14:30, dinner 18:30 - 22:30 daily
+65 6884 6884

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