Dinner review: Bread Street Kitchen at L1-81 Marina Bay Shoppes, Singapore 018956

So this took a while, but I am finally going to post a review of Gordon's Bread Street Kitchen dinner I had couple of months ago. It was arranged and pre-booked at least a month in advance by my ex-colleague and I was really excited to join the dinner party of 6. As I was the resident food blogger, I was tasked with figuring out what we should be ordering. Of course I started Googling and to my dismay, reviews had been less than stellar. 2/5 stars.. 2.5/5.. Reading out the caustic reviews only further dampened the anticipation. Still, we figured that since we are there already we might as well make the best of it, and order whatever we wanted. First we sat outside at the bar for a drink and some starters. Even though it was only 7pm, the place was plenty packed already.

There was a gorgeous sunset by the Marina Bay area not to be missed. Singapore can look so beautiful sometimes!

Prices are slightly different for the starters at the first and the top (bar) floor for some reason. Still, we ordered the flatbread with butternut squash ($20) which while had good texture, wasn't anything memorable. 3/5

Then there's the spicy tuna tartare ($19) which was really delicious even if the portion was tiny. The waiter did warn that they are 1-2 people's portion anyway, and we didn't want to overeat so we can have mains later.  4/5

By the time we are done with those 2, our seating downstairs was ready. The place had a casual, more 'atelier' feel to it as you can see the cooks preparing some of the various dishes behind the counter.

Here's the menu - only two pages! Simple.Prices are actually quite reasonable if not a bit strange, for something like an asparagus starter could cost $20, while you can get a main of fish and chips for $26.

Of course we had to have their complimentary bread, since the restaurant is titled Bread Street Kitchen. They were yummy, especially with the butter! Our waiter for the night was a really charming French gentleman as well.

We had 3 starters to share. First, my favorite among the lot -- the Tagliolini with Lobster and white wine sauce ($28). It was super flavoursome and the pasta was cooked to perfection. It felt a little bit Asian too, for some reason. Still, it was delicious (just 1 star away for the price). 4/5

The seared scallops ($24) were also really good, being fresh and bouncy, complimented with carrot puree and treacle cured bacon bits. But again for the price, maybe just 1 or 2 more scallops will be nice. So far so good! 3.5/5

Then something which looked quite simple, but is a good idea. The English green asparagus ($20) wrapped with parma ham and topped with a poached egg with a well-made hollandaise sauce. For a moment it felt like I was having brunch! Still, I wished the parma ham weren't cooked so its original flavour can be kept. 3.5/5

Here are the mains. Since there were 6 of us, we had 6 mains! Long story short, the parmesan and mushrooms, peas and asparagus risotto ($32) was a dark horse that surprised everyone with how good it was. The risotto was cooked just right, and while the creamy sauce of the risotto might be too much for 1, it was just nice for all of us to try some. Actually this could be a starter between 4 people. 4.5/5

Then, the must-order dish, the fish and chips with crushed peas and tartare sauce ($26). An homage to Gordon's British cooking, this is a simple dish that was cheap and cheerful, good for anyone who is a fan of fish and chips. 4/5

The following are meat dishes.  I don't want to get into detail with every one of them, but just wanted to say that they are pretty decent in general, and best to have it while it's piping hot. Among the lot I think my 300g grass-fed black angus sirloin steak ($60) was quite good, though I am pretty sure I've had similar quality for much less dough before. 3/5

The lamb chops ($48)

Roasted black cod ($44)

Slow roasted Dingley Dell Pork belly ($28)

One of my dining companions, the lovely Spoiltbytes whom we share the same birthday! Dining oftentimes is more than just the food, but also who you share it with that matters.

We were pretty stuffed by then but still managed to make room for dessert. This Monkey Shoulder Carachan Cheesecake ($18) was absolutely divine. The cheesecake was soft and dense but not thick, if you know what I mean. Mixed with the tart strawberries and you get a good dessert! 4.5/5

Lastly, the Molten Lava Cake which was a perfect balance of not-too-sweet chocolate and vanilla ice cream. If only the ice cream was bigger! Haha. 4/5

As you can read, our dinner was actually not too bad! It pays to have zero expectations of what a 'celebrity' restaurant should deliver. Overall I would probably give BSK a 3.5/5 for what was a good quality dinner at a slightly steep price (given the dishes). Definitely would recommend for anyone who's up for risotto or steak to head there, and don't skip desserts!
Bread Street Kitchen
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