I’ve quit my job to travel the world

For those who follow me on social media (Instagram, Snapchat id @alexischeong), you’d have seen photos of roast goose rice in Hong Kong, nan gyi thoke in Yangon and frankfurter in Frankfurt, Germany, followed by some pintxos for breakfast in Donostia, Spain.

If you’re wondering why the recent spate of travel, well, all these just mark the beginning of my Epic World Tour for the next 6-12 months.

Sunset at Donostia, Spain, 5 Oct 2015

I’ve written about why I’ve quit my job to travel the world in an Elle Magazine article you can read here. 

I want to continue writing as I travel on my other blog on Medium - so while there will still be remnants of restaurant reviews popping up here and there, I’m going to attempt my to describe what I’ve come across during my travels, seen from the eyes of a single 29 year old Singaporean female as I try to gain more perspectives.

It’s all a mix of excitement and apprehension now as I start to embark on the solo journey - there’s no knowing what tomorrow will bring! For now I have 1 more day in San Sebastian, Spain, before I go on to Barcelona and cross the border to Nice in France, Florence in Italy, Porto and Lisbon in Portugal before flying home for a wedding.

I hope that as I do so, that you my dear reader might feel compelled to check back on my adventures once in a while on this blog.

Thank you, everyone, for your support.

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