Fine Dining Experience: Lunch at Restaurant Andre, 41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855

So this is not going to be a review as much as a sharing of my dining experience at Restaurant Andre for a 6-course lunch. Me and a bunch of foodie friends decided to make a reservation for it months in advance because Andre only does 2 to 3 days of lunch per week, and we all know that seating is limited, so it has to be pre-planned! I was super excited to finally try it when the day arrived. This was the menu of the day. I like the little drawings on it.

We were also given a wine storybook to peruse. I decided to get a white to go with my lunch (but I can't remember what now, recommended by the sommelier). It was delicious.

The first was an amuse bouche, which came like this. So interesting right! What I really like about fine dining experiences is that you'll never really know what to expect, but its guaranteed to be different from your usual.

This was actually balls of duck rilettes and macademia. The nuts mixed with the rilette was yum. There was also a shot of light citrus liqueur to go with it.

The proper first dish arrived, a work of art. Called Textures of Zucchini, there's also celeriac granite, burrata mochi, puffed buckwheat and basil oil. Incredible, light and so fun to taste!

Second dish, the Forrest Chips which on the menu was described as Trompette de la mort (mushroom chips) with smoked baby eel dashi broth, bresse chicken and roasted parsnip mousse. I was expecting the broth to be like a small bowl at least, but no, it's just a puddle of it! How very typical of fine dining. I wished it was more though because it was so yummy! I think this was my favorite dish among the lot, because of how creative it is.

Then we had the Andre interpretation of the classic Bagel and Lox which did not have any other explanation on the menu. So we were pleasantly surprised to see this, which had cured salmon with bagel mousse (baked bagel, blended and made into mouse), sour cream dots and a slice of sea lettuce (seaweed). So cute and fun.

Then we go to the nod to Asian cuisine, with the slow-roasted kurobuta with prawn sauce, petite pois, fresh peach, shaved asparagus and charcoal. The peach was a strange but wonderful addition that cuts through the fatty pork and prawn combi (best ever by the way).

So yummy I could eat maybe 3 of these. Haha.

Lastly we had 2 desserts, first up - the avocado toast with brunost, vegemite and sourdough espuma. There's brown cheese shavings and vegemite on top of the toast.

Biting into it revealed the avocado ice cream. Totally did not expect that! The vegemite was not overpowering, only complimentary.

Lastly, the whipped mandarin with mangosteen lychee sorbet and lemongrass granite to round off the meal. I loved this for how refreshing and light it is, playing up with the Asian flavours of mangosteen and lychee!

This is a very full and satisfied me. I'd definitely recommend anyone who wants a good meal to check out lunch at Andre's, even though that might just make you want to book a dinner there next time too!

Restaurant ANDRE
41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855
+65 65348880 for reservations
Lunch Wednesdays/Fridays 12-3pm
Dinner every night except Mondays 7-11pm
Closed on Mondays

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