Review of Beauty Recipe 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery

As some of you might have known, I've quit my day job to travel and see the world. But before I embarked on my month-long trip to Europe last month, I had something very important to do. You see, my lifelong goal is to be able to wake up every morning and jump out of the door in minutes. To do so means no makeup - so I need perfect eyesight (no contact lenses), good skin (no concealer and foundation), and also brows. Unfortunately I do not have much of them, which means I was drawing them on every morning for a while now, until I was sponsored by Beauty Recipe for their 6D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery at their newly opened second branch at Marine Parade Central Singapore (their first branch is at Blk 104, Jurong East St. 13 #01-102, Singapore 600104). 

Due to the new branch opening, Beauty Recipe is having various promotions on site, such as 30% off all brow services (except the $150 one) so it is best to make an appointment for any services as walk-ins are not guaranteed if they are in the middle of something!

The shop is located at Marine Parade Central and is small but bright and airy. Do call/SMS 98593982 to find the exact address and make an appointment!   

Now let's begin. Lisa, my brow specialist, has been doing this for over 7 years. She showed me the individually packed blade that she'll be using for the embroidery before. It will be dipped in the dye and then scraped across the outer layer of your skin, to get the hair-like effect of strand by strand.

This is me with my barely there brows, after Lisa has already shaped it slightly with a razor. As you can see I really needed this. In fact every time I go for threading, the person will ask if I want to do eyebrow embroidery, of which I always say no because I was hesitant of the pain and the permanence of potentially disastrous brows by inexperienced hands. So I will draw my brows and sometimes they look weird because I am not very consistent.

This was me after 20 minutes of meticulous drawing of the shape that would suit my face. Lisa would also ask me to stand up for her to examine me from far, and even take photos of my brows with her phone to evaluate how it might look, so there is no room for error. I really liked that there was the time taken to do this and get it right. Even though it is Korean brows, it really is what would suit your face shape (and not one thick short straight line), so no worries on that.

Once that's done, it's numbing time for 20 minutes with the cream, which is high quality and hence EFFECTIVE. This is why it will not be painful. I was also able to choose the colour of my brows (dark brown).

And then the embroidery begins! Lisa would scrape the blade across my brows repeatedly with the ink and other than the slightly scary sound, there is no pain. I bled a tiny tiny bit on the right brow, but that's about it. In about 40 minutes, we are done. I would rate the pain to be 1 or 2/10. Can you see how fine the hairs are? I really liked the result!

I was given a protective gel ($28 to purchase) to apply for a week after, and told to keep water away from the brows as much as I can as well. I will need to go back after 1 month for touch-up as well. The entire process took 2 hours (can be as fast as 1.5hrs, but I suspect my shaping took longer than usual). Here's me with Lisa :)

That was Day 0. Here's me the next day, Day 1! As you can see the brows are quite dark on my face. During the week, the dyed skin dried and flaked off bit by bit to reveal and lighter colour underneath.

What happened after is that I went to Yangon, Myanmar for a week, and went to Europe for a month. I then returned to the studio for Lisa to do a touch up as my brows have faded quite a fair bit during that time, as you can see here.

During the touch up, the same process of drawing of the shape, applying the numbing cream (30 minutes) and the brow embroidery was repeated, but this time round I had a darker colour applied, and the brows were drawn just slightly thicker to guard against the fade.

This was the result immediately after the touch up. Those brows do look a little intense, haha! Still you can see that the hairs are back again to being finely drawn.

I had to wait for the brows to scab a little and peel off before it looked more natural after the touch up, which was in a week's time. This is the final result of my 6D Korean Nano Eyebrow Embroidery by Sunshine Brow Studio.

Here's a close up of my before and after. You can really see the difference!

Thank you Beauty Recipe for giving me these new frames to the window of my soul - my new 6D Korean Nano eyebrows! I am super happy with them, and would recommend anyone to go for it. Here's another blogger who did it -- you can see the detail and effect on this Instagram.

What's more, there's a promotion now for the 6D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery (what I did)For a limited time only, it is offered at a promotional price of $488 instead of $1288! Email or call/SMS 98593982 for enquiries & appointment bookings now (promo not available for walk-ins) - what are you waiting for?

Also, here's an FAQ for those who might have questions!

Q. How long does the eyebrow embroidery last?
A. Up to 2 years if you take good care of them. It also depends on the individual's skin. It's not permanent like tattoo because it only dyes the top layer of your skin and does not go in deep.

Q. Is it painful?
A. No. Pain is at a 2/10 at most the first time, and maybe 4/10 during touch up because the skin is thinner, but it is really manageable.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes. Each blade is individually packed, not reused and the beautician will use gloves. It is all very clean and sanitized.

Q. How long will the entire session take?
A. 1.5 to 2 hours each time, touch up is faster because the shape is already there!

Q. How is the aftercare like?
A. Avoid water on the brows for minimum of 3 days, and try to apply the protective gel 2-3 times daily. The brows will scab and flake off eventually to reveal a lighter colour underneath.

Q. Can I do it now?
A. Best to email or call/SMS 98593982 to make an appointment to enjoy the promo at the Marine Parade branch. No appointment, no promo! Beauty Recipe also has another branch at Blk 104 Jurong East St. 13 #01-102 Singapore 600104, if that might be more convenient.

Q. What's the difference between 2D and 6D brows?
A. While I'd say 3D, 4D and 5D might not have huge differences, 2D brows are just one dimensional colour, while the 6D brows are very 'lifelike' in mimicking the natural eyebrow hairs strand by strand. And with the current promotion there really isn't any reason to not do 6D!

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