Travel eats: 9 places to eat in Barcelona, Spain

I found Barcelona to be quite good for food, second only to San Sebastian in my 1-month Europe travels. I actually wrote a list down for a fellow traveller who just arrived in Barcelona on my last night there and am replicating it here with photos. There is nothing more disappointing than wasting your calorie quota on lousy touristy food, so here goes my top 9 places to eat in Barcelona!

1. Tapas 24 (9am to midnight daily)
My first meal in Barca was here, from a recommendation on Facebook by DanielFoodDiary. For really good bikinis (ham and cheese sandwich, basically) and patatas bravas (thick cut potato chips with mildly spicy sauce). I didn't try the Foie Gras burger because it was quite pricey. In fact, it is quite a pricey restaurant but the food's up to scratch! Go early for lunch and be prepared to wait maybe 10-15 mins for a spot.

2. Quimet y Quimet (12-4pm, 7-10.30pm, closed on Sundays)
For authentic tapas, go to this small little shop in a neighbourhood and order away! Again it's about 1.50 to 3 euros per tapas but they were super excellent.

3. La Bombeta (10am to midnight, closed on Wednesdays)
For traditional, authentic Spanish food, go to La Bombeta. Heard they are the ones who invented 'bombas', which is basically fried potato ball with spicy sauce. I also ordered just a sauteed mushrooms and they were amazing. I wished I had done a full meal there!

4. Buenas Migas (Daily early till late, 12 locations, map)
This was a surprising find because I wanted coffee and a pastry for breakfast near the museum I was going to and didn't expect Buenas to be perfect for it. It's a chain (Italian?) foccaceria but their foccacias and paninis are actually very good especially when you get them fresh. They also do value-for-money lasagnas for under 7 euros.

5. Granja Dulcinea (Daily 9am to 1pm, 5pm to 9pm)
In Spain, people eat churros for breakfast. So you'll often find churro specialty stalls closed by noon. Which is so weird! But I got myself to this traditional chocolateria that has thick drinkable hot chocolate and churros for you to dip. The churros themselves are a bit underwhelming and not very flavourful - its the chocolate you want to get to.

6. La Ginesta (Daily 8am to 11.30pm)
For $15 you can get a big meal out of this restaurant, which is why I listed it here. I had a big plate of really average-tasting seafood paella for starters, but also a good steak for main course and a dessert (Spanish creme brulee). The house wine is also cheaper than Coke there. This is I think the bare minimum for a restaurant. Hot food, good value.

7. Restaurant Arume (Daily 7pm to 1am)
BEST restaurant in Barcelona. A Spanish friend from Barcelona was the one that recommended it to me. Definitely make this a must-go, and you have to reserve a table or you will end up sitting at the bar. They are famous for their berry mojito, but the food itself was just mindblowingly good. Not too pricey as well, though it's definitely not street food.

8. Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar
Located in the old Gothic district, this is a really small hole in the wall restaurant that does Middle-eastern fused with Spanish cuisine. They have recently moved down the street from the original place that only does drinks now. I had a off the menu chicken dish that was so delicious, yet not pricey at all.

9. Boqueria Market (8am to 8.30pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays)
Ok technically this is not a restaurant but everyone NEEDS to go to Boqueria Market along La Ramblas for the food porn. I loved it so much I think I can just stay there for the entire day. However, try to get there before 9am and get some xuxos de creme Catalan donut at Bar Pinotxo tapas bar, which is also famous for everything else.

That's it! Hope this helps.

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