For Singaporeans: Food to bring during a backpacking trip

After coming back from 3 months of backpacking in South America, I've learned a few things on how to pack for trips that span for more than one month, outside of Asia. I might do a separate post on the actual packing list (I have kept mine below 12kg for everything), but for now I've some tips for what food to pack along because homesickness is real, and food is one of the first things we Singaporeans miss when it comes to home.

Here are the 5 items I've packed or wished I did:

1. A dozen Milo packets ($6.50 for 18 at FairPrice online) - great for breakfast or late night suppers especially in cold places when all you want to do is stare into space with some cream-filled biscuits and steaming cup of Milo.

2. 3 packs of Prima Taste Ready Meals ($6 each from their online store) - I saw it in the supermarket before my trip and decided to buy 3 to try, and I was amazed when I finally tried a packet after more than a month. You simply just open the pouch and microwave it for 10 minutes, and it's ready. The beef rendang and curry chicken really tasted like the real thing, with chunks of meat and flavourful sauce. Granted that 3 packets of these will carry some weight, but for a real taste of home, this is it. No regrets lugging them around.

3. Miso paste - this is what I should have packed, because it was so difficult to get the Asian 'salt' taste when you're overseas. On some days when I really did not feel like eating out and spending money, miso paste could have easily provided some sustenance as a soup base that I can add stuff into.
Source: Medi-ya Singapore
4. Sambal or Sriracha chili - From Ecuador all the way to Bolivia, the locals are huge on rice and potatoes. And I didn't think it was that awesome, but now I realized how it might be with the right condiments. Namely sambal chili. I wished I had thought of that and brought some with me in a jar. I could finish it within the first month (since I don't think it keeps well in warmer temperatures).

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5. Multi-vitamins - Again this was something I wished I had brought. I had to buy some overseas for a much higher price as I realized I might be under-nourished from the food that I am eating. This is quite an overlooked thing but I believe it to be vital to keep one healthy as falling sick is not an option!
And there you have it. My top 5 food items that you should consider packing when you go on a long backpacking trip. Everything else can be purchased locally, like biscuits and snacks, but these items need to be bought here. I hope this list is useful!

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  1. Nice post!Milo definitely my top choice to bring along for travel!