Salad delivery review: from Singapore

I had the pleasure to try not just one but 3 salads from local salad delivery service Spinacas last week and I would seriously recommend anyone who's working in an office job (that's most of us) to try them out. I was really impressed by the freshness, quality and most importantly, taste of the salads! They are obviously made by someone who's passionate about salads and you can tell from the way they are put together - and that's founder Phyllis Chua, who discovered the lack of healthy, delicious salads in Singapore after coming back from Spain. 

Here are my thoughts on the salads I've tried:

1. Vegetarian Tofu Patties Salad, Classic Regular (more leaves + 100g meat) $11
The tofu patty was seasoned just right and not too mushy. It provides a good protein replacement for vegetarians, and I like how it's all super healthy!

2. Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad, Meat Lover (less leaves + 200g meat) $11 ($2 off! Till 4 Mar)
One of their best sellers, and I can taste why. The morrocan chicken had a good spicy kick to it and it was a flavour explosion in my mouth! The chicken should be heated up in a microwave before eating if it was cool already, for better experience. The meat lover size means you get less veg and more meat, but actually with this I'll say pair it up with a classic or premium so you get more veg to balance out the strong taste of the morrocan spiced chicken. 

3. Espresso Pork Loin Ribs Salad, Premium (more leaves + 150 g meat) $13 ($2 off! Till 4 Mar)
This was my absolute favorite among all 3. The pork meat literally fell off the rib bones and melted in my mouth. While I don't really taste much of the espresso, the dark sauce stew made those pork ribs an absolute delight. This will resonate very well with Asians, while I think expats/Westerners might think it weird to have such savory pork with salad. It works for me though. 

I also tried a 'Just Picked Coco Water' for $3 add-on, and I'll say this is by far the tastiest and most natural coconut water I've tried from a packet. I wonder where I can get this in bulk!

Customers can also add additional ingredients to their salads if they like. I tried the cauliflower rice, which is quite wondrous. Spinacas uses 100% cauliflower florets cut into granules and then sautéed with olive oil until light and fluffy. It is then tossed with coriander, sesame seeds and cashew nuts. It's a small little box for $2 but for the amount of work that goes into making a new type of rice.. It had an interesting taste, but personally I would just skip rice altogether.

What I like about Spinacas is how fuss-free it is! Customers first choose their salads and size, then select their delivery date and time, checkout and sit back as Spinacas will call upon arrival at the specified drop-off location (list of delivery locations here).

For single salads or below $30 minimum orders, as well as non-delivery locations, customers can drop by the centrally-located commercial kitchen just outside the CBD at Pearl’s Hill Terrace to pick them up.

Alternatively, Spinacas also recently signed on with Deliveroo (a food delivery service) as a further option. Payment can be made securely online by PayPal (without signing up for an account) or by Credit Card (via BrainTree).

There are a few good salad/healthy lunch box delivery options now in Singapore, and I am glad that Spinacas is one of them. I would highly recommend everyone to try them out - perfect for lunch meetings, late lunches and busy days in the office.

Thanks to Spinacas for the salads!

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