Beauty Review: Ania Skincare Argan Oil and Moroccan Rosewater

As I grow older, I've come to value simplicity and cherish minimalism in most things. I was clearing my closet just now to give to H&M's World Recycle Week and with that huge pile of clothes I realised that's where some of my money went, which could have been saved for a flight, a bus ride, a tour to an African safari. After all, when I lived out of a backpack for 3 months, I did not find myself needing that much stuff (though I still miss some of the variety when it comes to clothes). A study also found that we Singaporean women spend over $200,000 on shoes in our lifetime. That's a startling figure for sure! The same is the same for skincare, I reckon. Since young I've this mild liking for makeup and nail polishes, which I almost never use. Now I think I use about 5 items for my skincare - sunscreen (VERY important), concealer, and a moisturizer for face, body, hair and fingers. That's where the minimalism comes into play with Ania Skincare's Argan oil (RRP: S$59 for 50ml). With that one product it is my facial moisturizer, hair oil (no frizz!), body moisturizer and even cuticle oil.

That is a godsend when one is traveling and cannot afford to have bottles of product, especially if you need to clear the 100ml liquid limitation with carry-ons. I had Ania's argan oil with me when I was in South America, which I used almost every day because the weather is so dry out there. I could almost hear my skin and hair drinking up the nourishing oil when I apply it! I also brought it with me when I went to Bali recently.

Argan oil is apparently the latest craze right now in the beauty industry.. and it's probably time for the rest of the world to find out what Moroccans have known for centuries, that argan oil is Morocco's 'liquid gold'. What I like about Ania's argan oil is that it is 100% pure with no other additives, and it's also 100% organic and chock full of anti-oxidants and vitamins E and A.

This is what typically goes into my traveling toiletries bag now from left to right: Sunscreen for body (because the sun can be brutal), The Deity's facial sunscreen (got it from, toothpaste, Ania Skincare's Argan Oil (buy on their website) and Sebamed's Face and Body Cleanser (which I use primarily for my face, but doubles up nicely if I don't have a nice body soap/gel to use). Sometimes I squeeze my liquid concealer in here, but usually its in my makeup bag. That's really all I need!

It's sometimes so enlightening to find that what we really need are just high quality, pure and good products. Sure you might have to fork out more to get them, but it beats throwing it out after a couple of uses or accumulating it until they pile up, like this photo shared on Ania's Instagram account.

I also got a sample of the Moroccan rosewater (RRP: S$32 for 100ml) from Ania later on to try, which I have been finding creative uses for since it is multi-purpose. A spritz on the face as a refreshing facial mist in this weather is the best, and it's also great as a toner. And the scent of the rose is not sweet or overpowering, but what real roses smell like. I even spray it on my hair as a heat protector when I blow dry it (so it also has the rose smell).

Here's a short gif of me taking a spritz of that amazing Rosewater. Hehe.

Anyway, I hope you guys might be interested to try it out, because these beauty products are something I would highly recommend! Visit now to shop!

Thanks to Ania Skincare for providing the products for my review.

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