Hidden Find: burger joint Singapore at 115 Amoy St, Singapore 069935

Sometimes all I want is a clean, juicy burger that I can sink my teeth into. I'm sure some of you have that craving as well. It's been to my chagrin that there's been a serious lack of good burgers like that in Singapore - with Omakase Burgers probably being the closest, but not that satisfying due to high price/small size, and no Shake Shack or In-and-Out here. So I was really excited to find out that the "best burger in New York City" is opening in Singapore on 3rd May called burger joint Singapore. The original burger joint is located behind a long velvet curtain in a fancy luxury hotel - Le Parker Meridien, and has wooden walls covered with graffiti and long booths. Story has it that the owner wanted to have 'classic burgers' like one would have in the 70s in the US, and couldn't find any, so he started burger joint in his hotel, noticeable only with the neon burger sign.

It is for the same reason, and with the same passion that burger joint owner here, Nic Heaney decided to open it up in Singapore. Because there are simply no affordable, simple and classic burgers around that he'll eat, and he loves his craft beers! So he wrote in to burger joint and his passion shone through because he managed to get the permission to open here. And after two years of planning and plotting for someone who has no F&B background, his dream is now a reality and we all get to luxuriate in it. Hallelujah!

Everything in this hidden restaurant has been faithful to the original. Even the huge well-decked out kitchen equipment and layout. There's also 18 craft beers on tap - fuelled by a keg room with beers kept at 1 deg, giving this place the honour of serving up one of the coldest beers in Singapore.

Here's the ordering counter - you get up to order, and prices include GST but no service tax because tipping is encouraged. This is again different from the usual. Here are the prices:

- $13.10 for a hamburger, $13.80 for a cheeseburger and $15.10 for a bacon burger
- $13.50 for a double hamburger, $24.90 for the double cheese, and $27.40 for the bacon cheese double. 
- $5.50 for fries, $11.80 for milkshakes,  $8 for ice cream and $4.80 for a brownie. 

And that's it! You order your burger, tell them how you'll want it done, and customise the fillings inside however you want, or just get "the works" which is everything. Then it is done. 

We placed our order, and the kitchen immediately sprang to work, with acclaimed head chef from NYC Alicia Fischer leading the charge. The grill top is specially imported from the USA, perfect to cook the patty which we can hear sizzling. burger joint's beef is NEVER frozen, and imported from the USA fresh. We even saw guys slicing up the cuts of beef in the back room to get them ready for grinding. 

Sometimes, cooking in a restaurant feels a little bit like a theatre act. Everyone has a part to place, and the parts get assembled at the end for a majestic bow to the audience, who then takes a bite.

Burgers are served in a brown bag - no iffy trays or tin rectangle cans messing about. We also had a taste of a craft beer and a Manhattan cocktail. Drinks from the bar to be revealed and reviewed another time!

After all, we were there to taste this: the Double Cheeseburger ($24.90) and the Cheeseburger ($13.80). Size-wise, I prefer the single cheeseburger, but my dining companion was right to point out that for meat lovers and most guys, the Doubles would hit the spot.

It was like coming home. Biting into the ginormous burger, you get a taste of the pure, unadulterated ground beef that envelops your senses like a hug. There's no salt or seasoning in the patty itself because the flavour is just so right on its own. Coupled with the melted cheddar cheese, pickles, tomato, mayo and everything else and you have yourself a simple, classic burger that EVERYONE must like. The buns were made here on our shores using the original recipe with a bakery the guys found - and they were perfect. They were not greasy or fried like some places do (don't like!) but instead was a slightly sweet blank canvas for the ingredients to shine through while providing that soft pillow for your teeth to bite into. It was pure heaven. 

We also had a Boozy Milkshake ($15.80) - a regular milkshake spiked with some Baileys for some adult fun. And of course we had to dip some of that delicious fries into it, NYC style. The fries ($5.50) were also faultless - piping hot, they were crispy with the flavour of potato shining through, at the size I like, which is similar to McDonald's skinny fries, but not with that soul-less taste. Them fries were seriously addictive!

Here's the double for size comparison. All that transferred from outside my stomach, to inside, like magic! Burgers, like a good spaghetti bolognese or pad thai, are what I consider happy food. They need to give you joy, comfort and love. I am so happy to finally be able to have a good burger in Singapore. 

Note also that they have joined Deliveroo - so you can have burgers delivered to you too in a couple of weeks after launch. Another bonus - they are also opened on Sundays for the entire day. In the CBD that is just a miracle. Burger joint nyc is not just for office workers looking for a TGIF drink and burger - it is also perfect for families and friends to hang out on weekends and for lunch.

A thumbs up and big thank you to Nic and team for opening burger joint nyc in Singapore. Wishing them the best of luck for their opening on 3rd May, this coming Tuesday! This was what I wrote on the wall --

burger joint new york
115 Amoy Street, #01-03, Singapore 069935
+65 62218648
Mondays, Tuesdays, Sundays 11am to 11pm
Wednesdays to Saturdays 11am to 12pm

Here's my video review/vlog - sorry I wasn't as eloquent on camera as all I could say was "it's very good" - but it is true. Hope you will enjoy!

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