Come Rye with Me: Whisky Workshop at 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059667

I attended a rye whisky workshop a couple of weeks ago at 28 HongKong St as part of Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 where I learnt about the history of rye whisky, what it is made of (at least 51% rye) and the difference between that and bourbon (distilled with at least 51% corn, and sweeter). What was interesting to me was how the use of rye whiskey in traditional cocktails like the Old-Fashioned and Whisky Sours disappeared after the Prohibition, to be replaced by the more popular bourbon. However, as the talented mixologists and ambassadors of the workshop explained, rye whisky is making a comeback in bars. We had a tasting of 3 different kinds of whiskys, and 3 different cocktails made with it. I had a lot of fun learning and tasting rye whisky, which is quite different from regular whiskeys in that it is much more strong in terms of character. But when blended into a cocktail, it was divine. 

My favourite was the Sazerac. Pleasantly sweet with syrup. Apparently in the past cocktails were consumed without ice, since that technology was not invented yet.

Our hosts for that afternoon. Very passionate, very knowledgeable about their rye whiskeys.

Red-faced after all the drinks. Thanks to Food News PR and Singapore Cocktail Week for the invite! 

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