Favourite Thai Food: Beer Thai Restaurant at #01-96 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

I love Thai food. For those who know me, would know that Thai food ranks pretty much up there along with Japanese food. That's why when I came back from South America, one of the first meals I had was Thai food. I find the quality of it in Singapore to be rather decent, even from any hawker stall in the food court, but if I want some super authentic ones then I'll head to Beer Thai at Golden Mile Complex, also known as Little Thailand. Note that there's another Beer Thai at Golden Mile Tower just beside, which is untested. Me and my friend found out that Beer Thai is one of the few places in Singapore and only one in Golden Mile Complex that serves the pork leg rice, called khao kha moo ข้าวขาหมู in Thai. I ate them in Thailand and fell in love with it, hence the search.

The restaurant is very crowded on weekends for dinner, so do call ahead and reserve if you have a big group! I find lunch times to be more manageable but there's still quite a lot of people for such a hidden location (right inside Golden Mile Complex, at the back corner).

Here are the 6 pages of the menu - click to view it in its original size in a new window.

If you are here with some colleagues for lunch, I would recommend that you try the Pork Leg Rice ($5). The stewed pork is very pleasant with some rice, and there's even some Thai (Chinese?) salty preserved vegetables at the side. For $5 this is such a steal. Note, avoid the Basil Pork Rice unless you want to take the risk. For some reason when we ordered it, the pork was extremely smelly. Order the chicken one if you have to.

Me and my friends also tried a variety of other dishes, all of them really good. Such as this grilled squid ($15)! Tender, juicy and paired with a kicker green chili.

The pandan chicken ($10) was yummy too. The chicken inside was not dry despite having a rich flavour from the frying.

Of course, some Thai Mango (or was it Papaya?) Salad ($5) to share. Be careful though, they are EXTREMELY spicy.

The Pad Thai ($5) here is really good too. They are more of the dry type. For five bucks this is incredibly cheap by Singapore's standards. Of course you could get a good one for half this price in Thailand...

We also got some duck and beef noodles (both $5 each). The duck noodles had a more herbal taste than the beef, but they were superb. That herbal taste is nothing like you would get elsewhere.

Then of course you might wonder how is their Tom Yam Soup ($10 onwards). Well, it was actually the most average tasting among all of the dishes. This was the milky version. It was quite spicy, but not as fiery as the one from Spicy Thai-Thai. 

I would instead suggest you to try something more interesting, such as the Coconut Chicken Soup ($10). It's still spicy, but there's this creamy mouthfeel with the soup that goes so well with the pieces of chicken in there. It's probably not as healthy as ordering the Clear Tom Yam Soup, but hey one's gotta live on the edge sometimes!

Lastly, the Red Ruby for dessert. Green pieces are jelly/agar! This is normal. But good to cool off after all the food. The Thai Iced Milk Tea here is also a must-order of course, though I find it a little too sweet for me sometimes.

It is with trepidation that I am writing this post to share one of my favourite Thai food haunts with you, but good things must share, so there you have it! Other than the Basil Pork, everything else on the menu is delectable! They even have crabs and other sorts of seafood, though my advice is to stick with the usual dishes which are priced so affordably.

Beer Thai House Restaurant
#01-96 Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588
11am to 10.30pm daily

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