Travel Itinerary: Restaurants to check out in Yangon, Myanmar

So I was in Yangon, capital of Myanmar last year in September '15 for about a week and had plenty of chances to try out the food there. Me and my friends did quite a range, from hotel buffets to local noodle/rice shops. All of them were really good, cheap and delicious. Here I'll attempt to list down some in case you're looking for some places to eat in Yangon. Most of the places are highly rated on TripAdvisor which is where I am linking them to for you to get more info such as address and opening hours.

1) Rangoon Tea House for lunch

A superb place for an introduction to modern Burmese food with a hipster cafe setting. Everything was delicious, though some of the pickled vegetables were rather odd tasting. A must-go in Yangon.

2) Sharky's next door for coffee

Just down the door from RTH, there's Sharky's which was established by an expat who wanted to provide all the expats in Yangon with a taste of home with cakes, coffee and snacks/food from 'the Western world'. It is apparently a regular haunt for all expats/foreigners, like Gekko which I did not manage to visit. I would go just to order a coffee and see what the fuss is about (but not order the creme brulee).

3) Yangon Bakehouse for brunch

A social entreprise (non-profit) that employs disadvantaged women, the brunch and pastries there were really decent. If you are to go for brunch, why not support the community at the same time? Prices are high for a local cafe but not so for tourists/foreigners, its still lower than home!

4) Onyx for steak

Did not expect much from this German restaurant, but turns out the steak was one of the best I've had in a developing country's restaurant. Really worth it too! The place was quiet during day time and we also shared a bottle of wine, and a salad. Yummy.

5) Shwe Sa Bwe for fine dining dinner

You will need to make advance reservations for this social entreprise restaurant but it will be worth the effort! Our fine dining experience there was impeccable, with very friendly but shy waitstaff (probably still undergoing training) and amazing food. While it is not 100% fine dining, but the quality is really top-notch. You can tell that this is a restaurant that aims for the stars.

6) Cafe Sule in Sule Shangri-La hotel for champagne buffet brunch

Super wonderful spread of luxurious European style buffet for around 50 SGD per person you get the buffet and freeflow champagne/wine. There's even Alaskan crab available! Super fresh international selection, really worth it.

7) Aung Mingalar Shan Noodles for breakfast (did not manage to go to 999 Shan Noodle House which is rated #1 on TripAdvisor...)

The place is very traditional and you can see parents with their school kids stopping by for lunch also, as the school is just nearby! It's a place to observe Myanmar in its most natural state. The food was also delicious and so damn cheap.

8) Feel Myanmar Food for traditional Burmese lunch

Super local but touristy at the same time, traditional dishes are served 'padang' style like in Indonesia or in Singapore with you pointing at what you want and them giving it to you. I think I over-ordered accidentally as I didn't know portions were that big! Very delicious and good introduction to local staples. Also they are the same guys who run the Feel Express along the way to Bagan, and they have the garlic oil noodles in this place too (which you must try!)

9) Le Planteur for high tea

Really fancy high tea, the food itself wasn't great (rather stale), but I had missed the place for lunch just as I arrived at 3.30pm and it was too early for dinner. The view of the place was fantastic though - the house opens into a garden wonderland at the back.


We went to Bagan for a day trip by taking a 5-hour bus there and back. On the way we stopped for delicious egg noodles with garlic oil called Si Chat Khout Swel at Feel Express at 115 Miles. A must-try if you do take that route!

We also tried Starbeam Bistro in Bagan for lunch, which was decent European food, even if it took a long time for them to serve the food.

Bagan was really beautiful, but to be honest a day trip with a driver is enough to see all the temples/sights. It was also insanely hot and sunny the entire day so definitely bring some sunscreen and wear light clothing.

Hope this list of travel eats helps!
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  1. Great round up! It's tough to choose the best food in Yangon (let alone Myanmar) - at least it has been for us blogging there!