26 thoughts I had while watching Descendants of the Sun Ep 1

I finally caught the pilot episode of what everyone has been watching and talking about today - the super popular Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun (aka DOTS). I told myself I have to watch it to see what the fuss is about, since I saw photos of the male lead character and thought he looked rather girly, compared to what I am used to on American TV like DeLuca in Grey's Anatomy or Daario in Game of Thrones:
giacomo gianniotti, michiel huisman

But for the sake of research, I have to watch DOTS so I used the Viu app on my phone, which streamed pretty well though there were at least two un-skippable video ads to sit through. Here are the thoughts that went through my mind when I watched the hour-long pilot episode.

BEWARE, SPOILERS AHEAD for those who have not watched Ep 1.

1. Stars - wait, is this related to the Alien from the Stars show (a previous Korean drama that made fried chicken and beer so popular)?
2. Soldiers going on a night mission - THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE. Wait is that racist?
3. That hut is strangely very isolated and fake in the middle of what looked like a lalang grass field
4. The fighting scene sound effects of whooshing knifes and punches... very 1980s...

5. Good guys win. Everyone goes home. The two guys go to play in a shooting arcade - I thought it was training. So pale boy is alpha, slightly darker tan guy is his sidekick.
6. Where is everyone in Seoul? They are in the capital no? Obviously filming. They shot a motorcyclist down with Tan Guy being a GPS.

7. The cafe with soft toy scene was weird. Also them talking about trading girls as favours.
8. Ok I bet this cafe will be filled with people from then on every single day. Sponsor?

9. Is this her? The legendary beauty? She looks quite pretty.. nurse? E.R. doctor? She answers phone.
10. OK she's just the nurse. The real beauty walks in. Why is she smiling? A bit creepy.

11. Scene with head of hospital -- she is quite the teacher's pet isn't she? And how does one rock a ponytail and bangs but still look so chio?

12. So the two meet and they get off on a huffy start because she doesn't believe he is a soldier. I don't blame her.
13. Meanwhile side story about Tan Guy who adopts the motorcycle thief who stole his phone as brother and gangster confrontation. He looks like a HK TVB character, come to think of it. Knives again.
14. Scene with pretty lady in soldier uniform with pretty doctor and pretty nurse. That is not real life, that's a guy's fantasy.

15. Turns out there's some history between soldier lady and tan guy. She scolds him for ditching her and he does the classic 'its not you its me'. Why am I still watching this show?
16. My face also.

17. Pretty doctor gets strangely excited watching the security footage after an 'electric' scene outside with pretty guy where they accidentally touched hands. Is she like that with WWE also?
18. They move to a treatment room where they trade stories about what they do and he asked her out in a damn cheesy way. Where is everyone???
19. Isn't there an emergency entrance to the surgery floor? Why does pretty lady doctor have to straddle guy on bed across the main hospital hall? SO DRAMA. Also cues music.
20. Pretty guy starts pushing the bed too. Nobody notices. He gives creepy smile. This should not be allowed.
21. HO MY GAWD. This is why everyone is watching DOTS. Nobody told me! Boy face man body!

22. Is someone helping him or is he doing those by himself?

23. Very nice scene. Very bright gym. Again there is nobody. Ok this needs to go on Facebook.

24. Ok they are going on a date. She does makeup in the lift (that has a very nice mirror). Product placement to the max?!? That Laneige BB cushion! Sold out everywhere. Heard she is Laneige's ambassador.

25. Rooftop helicopter scene was epic. That's how he travels? In Singapore they flash the green man on TV with your nickname like Big Tree and you have to report to camp by yourself.
26. Afghanistan. Deng deng deng. Wah lau. What is this. I just finished watching the entire episode. Good job. Not sure about the next.

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