Food review: Afterglow at 24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131

I once read or heard that if you want to lose weight healthily, 80% of that is diet (this article confirms it). That's bad news for most of us, who might think that hitting the gym or exercising more will help make up for the crazy amounts of food we eat. And in today's society where all of us city dwellers are so used to processed, high carb or oily food, it's difficult to eat right. So I was glad to finally check out farm-to-table vegan restaurant Afterglow on Keong Saik Road for a plant-based meal. They've been around for a while but I have not tried it till now! I like that the food's been locally sourced and tailored for those who want healthy yet tasty meals.

The shophouse restaurant's really cosy but well-ventilated. In fact I always get attracted by the lighting and ambience when I walk down Keong Saik Road!

Here's the menu. Prices are slightly on the high side, but remember that you're on the trendy Keong Saik Road and the food has plenty of exotic ingredients worth paying more for.

We ordered quite a lot for two. First, the raw guacamole dip with crackers (S$14) to start, because I have this avocado obsession recently. The guacamole dip was quite substantial, and had a little bit of a Indian taste profile probably due to the spices used. The beetroot and other cracker was really erm, raw. I didn't like it that much - maybe corn chips would have been better. Still, raw means uncooked and unprocessed. 3/5

Soup of the day was Mushroom Soup (S$14), which was really flavourful. Being warm also helped since the rest of the meal will not be. No complaints! 4/5

For mains, my dining partner had the Raw Taco Bowl (S$16) which consists of walnuts, avocado, a mild spicy salsa with romaine lettuce and purple cabbage. There's also a tasty sauce drizzled over it. A fresh, healthy salad with original flavours and different textures. Only gripe is the price if someone were to have this as an appetiser. 3.5/5

I had the famous Deconstructed Sushi Bowl (S$16) with shitake mushrooms, avocados, seasonal pickles and a mild wasabi dressing, on top of brown rice. It may look like a small bowl, but it was quite substantial with all the fillings and brown rice! I liked the simplicity of it, though the wasabi dressing was not as strong as I would have liked and overall a little dry for my taste. I suppose though if you had sushi constructed from it, you won't need a lot of gravy or sauce! 3/5

We had two desserts on the house because they are so kind! First, a seasonal Acai Bowl, which contained loads of that superfood. It was icy, sweet and refreshing with crunchy bits. I liked it quite a bit because the sweetness does not come from sugar, but the berry itself. I first tried acai in Brazil, and loved it for how unique it tasted. 

We also sampled the Raw Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge (S$12.50). Alas, there's desiccated coconut on top! I really don't like that. The chocolate fudge itself was not overly sweet, and rich in chocolately goodness without that oily feeling. Unfortunately I could not taste much of the salted caramel though - if given a choice I might have picked the acai bowl over this.

Well I am glad to finally have tried Afterglow by Anglow because it is good to know that amidst a street filled with cocktails, burgers and prawn noodles, there's an option to go for some raw, unprocessed and healthy food. I'll recommend anyone who's curious about raw food to give this a try, especially for lunch. I would try their coffees/drinks next time when I return!

24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131
+65 6224 8921
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 12pm-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm (last order 9.15pm)
Wednesdays & Thursdays 5.30-10.30pm (last order 9.15pm)
Closed on Sundays

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