Lunch review: Ninja Bowl at 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481

I'm Asian and I like my rice. That's why when the third concept by The Astronauts Group (who also did Babette and Chillax Cafe) Ninja Bowl opened up, I felt compelled to visit and check out the food myself. They are so popular, every blogger, Instagrammer and journalist probably visited them even before I did. They took over the now defunct Department of Caffeine at the corner of Duxton Road, just down from Littered with Books. 

Here's a vlog I did of my tasting at Ninja Bowl if you'll just want a quick review --

Nothing much has changed for the interior compared to the past, but somehow it felt brighter. Perhaps it was because it's lunch time. Well ventilated, too.

Ninja Bowl Singapore

Here's the menu for reference. As you can see, the Ninja Bowl prices are before the add-ons of Ninja Rice, Orzo or Garden Greens (S$2) or Quinoa (S$3) so that makes a complete Bowl around $17-19 bucks. My eyebrows were also raised at the prices of their specialty drinks like $8 for a coconut lemon mint. I would say anything more than $6.50 for a drink is a bit too much. 

Ninja Bowl menu
Ninja Bowl menu

I tried the Buta (S$14) with Ninja Rice (S$2) add-on. Me and my friend oohed and aahed when the bowls came out because they were so pretty! It's almost like a work of art. It's also quite inspiring to know that one could probably recreate this salad rice bowl at home, if one has the patience. What I liked was how every ingredient complimented each other well, and the onsen egg gave the rice a wetter texture. The buta was nice and juicy, though 2 slices might be a little stingy. The brown rice underneath was great. Perfectly cooked! It's a little pricey at $16 bucks for this though, even if the portion is just right for lunch. 4/5

My friend tried the Noka (S$14) aka Braised Beef Cheeks with Ninja Rice (S$2) add-on. It was super flavourful as well, which is why there's no need for baby tomatoes. The gravy especially elevated the bowl to the next level. If you have $16 bucks to spare, I'll say it's a tough choice between the Buta and Noka - up to your personal preference! 4/5

Like I mentioned in my video, Ninja Bowl performed well in terms of quality, but can be a little tough on the wallet. Still I'll recommend this to anyone who's looking for something fresh and delicious especially during lunch. I'll be back to try their dinner bowls!

Ninja Bowl
15 Duxton Road Singapore 089481
+65 62228055
Mon-Fri 9.30am to 7.30pm, Sat-Sundays 9am to 6pm

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