Media Drop: SilkAir makes it a joy to fly

Little joys matter when you're flying. After years of travelling to 33 countries in the world, I reckon that's one of the things I would tell anyone who's thinking of doing the same. Even though budget airlines are cheap and is often a backpacker's default choice despite the odd flight times, regular delays and add-on costs, I would take SilkAir to regional cities if I can find a good deal. Paying a little more is just worth it in the end. 

The other day I received a "luggage" media kit from SilkAir, reminding me of all the places I have not gone to yet in my year of travel!

Here's what's inside. It is probably one of the most awesome media kits I have received.  

There are chocolates shaped in their full-service offerings: reliable flight schedules, 30kg bag allowance, inflight meal and entertainment via their complimentary wireless inflight entertainment system, SilkAir Studio. That means you get to stream shows/movies/TV on your personal device (laptop, tablet, phone) easily.

There's also a mini entertainment screen in the media kit which played their video of an activation they did before where they gave out the screen to passengers flying OTHER airlines without entertainment. Heh. Pretty awesome.

Here's the video if you wanna check it out, plus a contest that is running on their Facebook Page. Super easy answer -- email them and try to win one of these media kits for yourself. Don't say I didn't share!

Good luck! And thanks to SilkAir for the media kit.

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