Pre-Event Note: Beerfest Asia 2016 at Marina Promenade from 16-19 June

I was lucky to preview and sample some of the beers that will be showing at this year's Beerfest Asia at the Marina Promenade in two weekend's time at Timbre+ a couple of weeks back! There was as usual, a huge range of beers from all over the world - over 500 beers from more than 35 exhibitors. New brews will be showing such as Archipelago Brewery’s new Singapore Blonde Ale, Chaoying’s Flensburger Winterbock, SABMiller’s Fat Yak and plenty more from various exhibitors. Get your tickets from Sistic before they are all sold out, as a lot of them are! 

Here are some beers you might not have known:

1. Pietre (Corsica, France)
This beer is traditionally brewed using hand-picked, Corsican chestnut flour. Highly fermentable, chestnut flour provides the beer that notable head and beautiful colouring.

2. ABK Rose
The ultimate refreshment. A concoction of light abk beer and organic lemonade with a 100% natural rose colour. Intriguing and delectable. Imported by premium German beer importer, Underbar.

3. Gosnells London Mead 
This brew is made from citrus blossom honey and water uses traditional brewing methods with no addition of hops, apples and grapes. 

I also tried some extremely foamy 'cream' beer from the Pilsner Urquell guys. Super micro bubbles for a very smooth drink. Next time you poured too much head in the beer, just tell them its on purpose. 

There was also some lovely food such as the delicious wings from Two Wings and paella to eat at Timbre+! Yummy. 

See you all at Beerfest Asia soon and thanks to Food News PR for the invite!

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