Travel Itinerary: Taipei in two days 2016

Like Hong Kong or Thailand, Taiwan is the kind of country that you can always fall back to when you want culture, nature and food. I had the good fortune to visit my favourite food city, Taipei, for the third time a month ago. This time round I also visited Hualien for their amazing Teroko Gorge (magnificent rock and stone formations cut by water) and 7-star Beach (pebbles, not sand), and did a day trip to Taichung City (cafes every 10 steps!) both via trains. I had an awesome time in both.

We are however, here to talk about Taipei City. I've done a post about some of the food that I had the previous time, and this time round I went back for more! In this post I'll do a quick and dirty travel itinerary for those who will be planning to visit Taipei for a few days.

First, some logistics.

1. Data

Get your tourist sim card from the Taipei Taoyuan Airport via one of the counters. Otherwise, you will have to find a telco shop such as Chunghwa Telecom to get a 3 or 5 day SIM card with data. It is relatively inexpensive at NT300 (or SS12.60) for 3 days of unlimited data!

2. Getting around

From Taoyuan International Airport you can either take a city shuttle bus, or be like us and order a UberX taxi, because you don't really want to be squeezing on the bus after a long flight with all your luggages. Taking the metro when you are in the city will be the most convenient, as most places are situated around the stations! Having the cashless metro/bus card will be helpful if you want to venture around via buses. For further locations for more than one person you can also take UberX, which I find to be very helpful when I was in Taichung. View the hi-res English Metro Map here.

3. Where to stay

I stayed at a hotel (Diary of Taipei Hotel) near the massive Taipei Main Station this time, as well as a hostel (Mr Lobster's Secret Den Hostel) just further south. Had my Rosemary Pasta, which was within walking distance from the hostel! There's also this fried donut coated with milk powder nearby, which was delish. I find that it is a great location to be at -- the hostel was within walking distance to the Taipei West Bus Station, which you can take an airport shuttle to Taoyuan International Airport within 1 hour for just NT125 (S$5.30). More info here.

Next, where to go for food!

1. Ximending

The most happening and legit area for themed cafes and street food plus shopping would be Ximending, which is also where the famous Ah Zhong Mee Sua is at. You MUST go there for a small bowl, as a symbolic start to your food journey in Taipei. After that, hop over to Wuchang Street Section 2 Lane 50 where Prince Cheese Potato, have a mountain pig Taiwan sausage and a cup of 50 Lan Milk Tea with Pearls. That is the 4 things you need to have there!

2. Yongkang Street

The most famous food street in Taipei, this where the original Din Tai Fung flagship is at, just near Kao Chi (another famous establishment) where you'll see tourists queueing. On the street you can find so many different stalls, but I was told to check out the Lu Rou Fan from 喫飯食堂 (just pork with lard on rice for NT50, S$2.75) as well as 8% Ice for its gelato (very smooth and creamy!).

3. Raohe St. Night Market

If you have to go to one night market, then instead of Shilin, may I suggest Raohe's night market that's situated at Exit 5 of Songshan Metro Stop? When you exit you'll see a gigantic temple. While in the market, I saw someone selling Water Raindrop Cake but did not try! Instead I placed my calories on some fried milk squares on a stick, wagyu beef cubes and the most amazing Korean style egg in egg (NT30) which is not at the middle row of stalls, but at the left side just around the middle of the street.

4. Zhongxiao Dunhua

If you also have time, check out the hip and youth centric "Dong Qu" East Shopping District Area (Metro Stop Zhongxiao Dunhua) for the shopping, with tonnes of boutique shops like our Haji Lane. That's also where you can digest your food before you do more eating at the night market!

5. Taipei 101

Check out Taipei 101 if you are a first-timer to the city, and maybe go up to the tower for a panoramic view, though I think the best is if you just walk around and explore on foot! I especially like the Studio Ghibli shop that is near Taipei 101.

Note: I did not manage to go to Yong He or Fu Hang for their breakfast soy milk and dough fritters, Lin Dong Fang for their beef noodles nor Aquatic Addiction for their seafood (sort of like our Pasarbella market), but these are worth going to if you have time!

That's it for my Taipei travel itinerary this time round! Hope this helps :)

  1. Hello! I was wondering how much did you spend with the Uber? It looks like the hostel I'll be staying is near with the one where you stayed. Thank you :)

  2. Hi, can i check with you on the uberx from airport?
    how do you book the uberx and roughly how much to XMD?

    1. Hi ducky, unfortunately I am not too sure! Maybe it's better to take a bus :)