District 10 Great Lunch Steak Out at #01-514 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

I love steak. This is one of the key reasons why I am not a vegetarian, I reckon. So of course I jumped at the chance to try District 10 Suntec's new(ish) promotion called The Great Lunch Steak-Out, which consists of a 700g Fiorentina (aka T-bone) steak with soup or salad for S$45++ each (min. 3 to dine) for lunch from 11.30am-2.30pm, Mondays to Saturdays. I love District 10 ever since trying their steaks at the UE Square branch many years back, but did not know about their steak obsession over at the Suntec branch till earlier this year.

The Suntec District 10 bistro is quite prominent, located beside Tower 2's office lobby (within minutes from Pasar Bella) with some outdoor seating and a small cosy indoor area, where you can see the guys chop up the meat. I would love to have a fridge like this at home just to look at the meat (better than art!).

Together with the steak, we tried the complimentary Butter Lettuce Salad, which is served with pancetta, hazelnut and egg. Light, refreshing, crunchy - perfect appetizer!

There's also Crabmeat Soup (of the Day), which is the alternative to the salad. Unfortunately I didn't find the soup to be that impressive nor hot enough, so I'll suggest for diners to take the salad instead (some greens is good too, with all that meat).

We also sampled some side orders which you can order, ala carte to add on to the appetizer and main. Here we have the trio of the Beef Tartare (S$26), Ham & Melon (S$26) and Grilled Calamari (S$25). The grilled calamari really stood out for me - the charcoal lingered and gave the dish a deep smokey flavour, while the first two were really super average. Probably not something you'll want to fill up your quota when there's steak to be had!

The Rosemary Garlic Fries (S$10) were good though. The right fry size, and done-ness (I abhor overcooked, dry fries). This is the perfect side order to have with steak!

Or the creamed baby spinach ($10) perhaps? That was also delicious. You could also consider the Truffle Mash (S$14) or sautéed mushrooms (S$12) if greens are not your thing. Come to think of it, every one of these goes really well with steak, and they're certified to be yum (by moi).

But enough foreplay. We were there for this behemoth hulk of a Fiorentina steak, which comprises of two cuts of meat - the tenderloin and sirloin on the bone, grilled over coal fire (hence the blackened outsides). I really don't need to wax lyrical about how frickin' good this steak is - you've just got to try it for yourself. 

This, ladies and gentleman, is food porn.

No fancy dressing or sauces needed for this one - you could really taste the beef, complimented with the coal char. Choose between the fatty and slightly less fatty cuts by looking at the amount of fats on the meat! 

We also finished off with an assortment of desserts such as the Espresso Panna Cotta (S$12) and Lemon Pine Nut Tart (S$12), but the homemade tiramisu (S$16) really stood out for me! I was so stuffed but I could still appreciates the perfect layering and combination of flavours in this classic Italian dessert.

Oh, what a delight! I wish I could have the Great Lunch Steak-Out every single month, but alas I think I'll just be really heavy from it. Still, I definitely recommend this for meat lovers to sample - perhaps 3 to go for 700g, but have another 3 or 5 friends to join in and order other sides/mains (grilled calamari and fries, or spinach!) and make it a party.

District 10 (Suntec)
Suntec City Mall (beside Tower 2 Office Lobby) #01-514/515
3 Temasek Boulevard,  Singapore 038983
+65 68222886 or email suntec@district10.com.sg
Daily 11.30am - 11pm (last order 10.30pm)

Thanks to Food News PR and District 10 for the invite!

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