Gadget Review: Munster Personal Smoothie Blender

I have a super good gadget recommendation to share with everyone today! My sister bought a Munster Personal Smoothie Blender recently and I thought it is so ingenious - it is a working blender, but you just have to swap out the cutter/blade cover with a regular cover on the tall, plastic bottle (this is the 600ml, but it also comes with the 300ml) after blending and you can bring the entire thing to work.  If you are into smoothies like rest of the acai-berry granola-chomping crowd but want to save money by NOT buying them outside, then the Munster Personal Smoothie Blender is the perfect kitchen appliance for you. It is retailing for $29.90 now on

This is how it looks when you load it up with a ton of fruits and coconut water.

Here is the blade cover, and the regular cover. Apparently this is designed in Germany so it won't break after a few uses. There's also a 1-year warranty from, not bad.

Just thought this is a really cool blender for those who want to make their own smoothie (and save a shit load of money). This is NOT a sponsored post, nor do I get any commission for linking to the e-store, but I really thought this is a great gadget that I have to share with you. Hope you think it is useful!

  1. Hi, may I know if this blender still working well till now?

  2. Hi Bubbles, yes it still works till date! Really hardy!