New lunch spot: The Twenty Cavan t20c at 20 Cavan Road, Singapore 209851

I've got a great new place to share! Located at the burgeoning hipster area of Jalan Besar, the.twenty.cavan, or t20c, is a 5-day old restaurant/bistro that serves up modern Asian cuisine prepared and served in a Western style. I walked in today because I was attracted by their decor, and heard that the food's pretty decent from a friend that works just opposite. Tried it and am so happy with it I'm sharing this right away on the blog.

It's really spacious for a shophouse and there's no strong smell so kudos on the ventilation done right. The decor's industrial chic, with exposed pipes and Edison bulbs strung over brick walls. Lovely.

Here's the soft launch menu, which might change depending on what the Chef will cook next! 
Here's the menu as of early September. There's no coffee on the menu but the guys are working on it.

I found out that the Chef was previously working in top hotels in Singapore so you know there's a certain standard (and discipline). Prices are slightly high for lunch, but there's a lunch promotion right now -- a selected appetiser, main course and Coke/Coke Light goes for only $18! Top up a dollar more for a San Pellegrino Blood Orange/Lemon.

Apparently their Lamb Chop with signature blueberry sauce ($20 ala carte) tastes like foie gras by my friend who tried it. I was intrigued, but still not bold enough to order lamb at an untested location for lunch. So I did the next best thing - got the Pork Belly ($20 ala carte) instead! You can either get a side of cous cous or fries with it so I got the former. Plus an appetizer of jellyfish ($9 ala carte). My only gripe is probably I'll prefer the jellyfish served on a tapas or side dish, separate from the main course, so that the jellyfish sauce does not affect the flavours. 

I loved the dish. The jellyfish was the type you'll have in Chinese wedding banquets in Singapore - springy and saucy with a sweet chilli sauce. The pork belly was soft, succulent and had the most wonderful berry sweetness. It reminded me a little of beef bulgogi in terms of sweetness. No porky smell at all! The cous cous also had a light fragrance that complements the meat/salad perfectly. YUM.

My dining companion tried the Signature Roast Chicken ($16) instead and he was super happy with it too. It looks like the type you'll get at a wedding banquet again (the nice type). Everything was seasoned just right - they weren't too salty, or too intense nor bland. I guess that's the secret to good food.

I do hope that the.twenty.cavan. can keep up the good work and maintain this quality of food so more people can enjoy it! The thing about opening up a F&B joint is that it is all about consistency and stamina, right? Meanwhile I'll recommend for people to try it while they can now.

20 Cavan Road, Singapore 209851
+65 66126024
11am to 11pm daily except
Closed on Mondays

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