Cafe Hangout: Fuel Plus+ at 16 Morse Rd, Singapore 099228

Another cafe, another day. Or is it? While there might be a proliferation of them in Singapore, cafes are still essential to our F&B scene because they fit in the middle - a grade above hawker centres and food courts, while not as formal or pricey as restaurants. Also we go to cafes to grab a third-wave specialty coffee. And sometimes, great food can even be found there. Fuel Plus+ at the rather secluded area of Telok Blangah could be one such cafe.

There's no bull, but there's a cock here for the story. There's a bunch of chickens running outside the row of shops at this estate, FYI.

Here's the menu pre-September (they recently just updated it with 10 new items). Standard pricing and quite extensive. I like that they have eggs all-day. Hopefully not from the chickens outside! 

I really like the industrial decor of the place too, which does not have any ventilation problems, which is always good. Not a huge shop but bright and airy enough with the French windows.

Delicious latte ($5). Milky and smooth with a strong backing of coffee. No complaints! 5/5

What I really liked was their Bacon Aglio Olio pasta ($15) that my friend recommended for me to try! That poached egg was perfection that burst all over the al dente pasta that I inhaled within minutes, as it was generously coated with olive oil and bacon fat. YUM. I would make my way to this cafe just for this dish! 5/5

If you're feeling like you need stronger fuel, try the Bacon Cheese Burger ($18) my friend had. That slab of bacon just looks heavenly! It was juicy, generous and the patty wasn't overly dry nor loose. Overall a very satisfying choice, according to him! Sure looked like it! 4/5

We also sampled some of that The Devil's Wings ($10) which weren't spicy at all... but they were rightly sour as buffalo wings should be and not too dry or skinny inside. A great savoury snack if you're bored of truffle fries. 3.5/5

Lastly, what looked like a diabetic's nightmare, or Instagrammer's dream on a plate. The Wicked French Toast ($15). While it looked good, it tasted exactly like how you'll imagine it to be and I'm not sure it warrants a $15 price tag. The toast wasn't overly dry but the chocolate ice cream melted really quickly. 2/5 (minus one for the price!)

Fuel Plus+ cafe has a lot of great items on their menu, but perhaps due to the extensiveness, some of them could be more faddish than gems. I would stick to the pastas and perhaps the burgers/egg dishes. Desserts could be forgone unless you need something for your Instagram/Snapchat that day - get a cup of latte instead.

Fuel Plus+
16 Morse Road, Singapore 099228
+65 63520768
Mon-Fri 11am to 9pm, weekends 10am to 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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