Design Workshop: Avenue Studio at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #03-09, Singapore 168976

OK, so this is not food related, but more of a personal development post. See, I have always wanted to learn how to design my own logo or namecard properly, or at least pick up some basic design principles and skills. I've tinkered long enough on Photoshop, but Illustrator eludes me. As a result I've always done really amateur-looking designs for my blog/namecards using simple Photoshop. Therefore I was super intrigued when I was asked if I wanted to go for a 2.5h Minimalist Logo Design workshop at Avenue Studio. Of course I said yes! Here's my experience, in case you're looking to up your design game too.

Avenue Studio Design Workshops in Singapore
Source: Avenue Studio's Instagram
Avenue Studio is located on top of the hill in the building behind Chinatown/People's Park Complex, on the third floor. You can climb a flight of stairs up after exiting from the MRT (Exit C) during week days, or take a cab up. They are a tiny studio behind those blue shutters, along this corridor.

Avenue Studio Design Workshops in Singapore
Here's the Avenue Studio space. Very cosy and comfortably cool. It can fit around 5-8 people I'd say. I had a MacBook provided to practise on, and my instructor the lovely Ellis connected her laptop to the TV screen so we can see better. 

Avenue Studio Singapore, Chinatown space

So what did I learn, you ask. Well! In that two hours I learnt about the different font types, logos and basics of using Illustrator to come up with guide lines and.. I can't just describe them because you'll not know unless you try for yourself! So go ahead. Sign up for a class right now.

I tried my hand after class, and come up with the new blog header you see on top of the blog right now - pretty good eh? I think I passed the course, if I say so myself. Haha. But there's still a lot for me to learn!

Anyway there are a variety of classes available on their website - including a 6-week Watercolour Course for Kids aged 4-7 years old! I'll highly recommend Avenue Studio for anyone who's looking for a qualified trainer and instructor to learn design or art/craft skills.

Avenue Studio
195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #03-09, Singapore 168976
Office Hours (by appointments only)
Monday through Friday : 10:00 - 20:00, Saturday : 11:00 - 15:00
+65 8868 0049
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