Food Trail: Super Loco's third branch at Customs House, 70 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049323

You guys must have heard of Lucha Loco, the Mexican joint at Duxton Hill opposite Kiosk? Well the guys behind that have just opened their third branch at Customs House after the very successful second branch at Robertson Quay. We went on a #superloco food trail recently to discover each location's F&B because they are actually different from one another depending on the crowd/place!

Check out my vlog of the food trail first, before I talk about some of the items we tried below:

First stop: Lucha Loco at 15 Duxton Hill, 089598
The post-work Mexican dinner and drinks place

We met the Loco Group's founders and found out a bit more about their food and drinks. What I found out was they pride themselves in banning all sugar syrup from its bars, choosing to use only organic agave nectar and their own agave infusions to sweeten their cocktails/drinks. That's really cool since I find syrup rather basic. Here the Blood Orange and Guava Margarita (S$16) I tried was a really refreshing and cold cocktail to be enjoyed at the alfresco patio behind Lucha Loco.

We also had an Elotes (S$8, not just for one) each - this was one of my favourites of the night. The grilled Mexican street style corn had chipotle mayo and really fragrant cotija cheese sprinkled on top. It also had a strong spicy kick so be warned. 4/5

We also had a soft shell Taco Pescado Snapper (S$11) which is had achiote (red colour seasoning) on the snapper with some red onion salsa and chipotle mayo. This was alright, but I find it difficult to eat. Pretty meh as far as tacos are. 3/5

Second stop: Super Loco at Robertson Quay

Not my first time having the incredibly sour Mango Ceviche (S$18) which was made with diced sustainable wild snapper with cherry tomatoes, serrano chillies, shallots, grated young ginger and celery, finished with olive oil and lime juice. While everything is super fresh, and thumbs up for using sustainable fish, I did not enjoy the acidity while some might like it. 3/5

I prefer the Alitas De Pollo (S$12) instead. They are chicken wings (brined for 6 hours), coated in a seasoned flour (made with coriander seeds, white pepper, black pepper, paprika and salt) overnight and re-floured again before being fried. They are then tossed with a chipotle sauce from baja, made with sugar, lime and chipotle and finally drizzled with lime crema and pickled jalapenos. Yummy! 4/5

Third stop: Super Loco at Customs House

Unique only to the Customs House Super Loco, we tried the Atun Tostadas (S$15) which is made with torched sashimi-grade tuna, fried onion, lime mayo, avocado, smoked sea salt. I love the crunch and great job with the avo. 4/5

Then a couple of weird dishes - the Ensalada Granos (S$8/$15) which is a salad of quinoa, pearl barley, almonds, broccoli, pomegranate, pico de gallo, chia & basil. While I appreciate the healthiness of it, I'm quite puzzled by the flavours and textures in this as it felt like eating wet granola. Maybe for the health fanatics. I did like the pomegranate bursts though. 3/5

This cucumber grape salad too. The Pepino Y Mas (S$6/$11) with cucumber, mint, yogurt, fennel, green grapes, cactus, capers, lime and radish does not seem Mexican. Strange combination but they worked, somehow. A very cooling dish to balance out the heat of the wings and nachos! I liked this more than the quinoa salad but cannot get over the weirdness of it. 3.5/5

What most people would think about at a drinking Mexican house like Super Loco would be the Cerdo ($32+) which is agave pork belly, braised onion, barbecued pineapple, black bean paste and sopes. UNFORTUNATELY for me, I didn't think this was stellar. The pulled pork was slightly too dry for me. It needs to melt in my mouth but it obstinately refused to. Sadness maximus. 2/5

The grand highlight of this entire trail was instead the Pescado Asada Con Chili Rojo Y Perejil (S$46) which is Spanish for barbecued whole seabass with red and green salsa. Oh man, you guys had no idea how fresh tasting this was. The white meat was so tender and juicy, you don't even need the dips! I have a phobia of fish with bones but for this, if carefully dismembered, I'm willing to take the risk. The price is slightly steep so definitely share it with some friends. The concept here is more of sharing plates anyway! 4.5/5

Then, the dessert which took a long while to arrive. It's a Tostadas Dulce Du Chocolate (S$15) which is chocolate tortilla, chocolate avocado butter, Mexican bitter chocolate ice cream, cocoa nib candy, chunky pecan crema. Erm, it really wasn't worth the wait. Couldn't really taste the avocado, and the chocolate flavours overwhelmed everything. Even the ice cream wasn't that cold, strangely. This you can skip, and have another sugar-free cocktail instead! 2/5

All in all, I had a really good time on the #wearesuperloco food trail thanks to Food News PR team and the lovely founders and staff of the Super Loco Group. What I found cool was that each branch had managed to carve out their own niche and offerings to cater to the audience while maintaining a super chill vibe and Mexican roots. That's worth checking out so be sure to visit them if you can!

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