Tasting: Japanese Guest Chef Seiichi Shinbo at Fat Cow, Camden Medical Centre #01-01, Singapore 248649

Guys, this is one guest chef event you might check out! Seiichi Shinbo, esteemed Head Chef of Ginza Tochigi Chalte restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, will be cooking up a storm in the kitchens of Fat Cow and dishing out a menu inspired by his hometown, Tochigi. This exclusive 8-course menu features Tochigi Wagyu, a brand of beef with just the right amount of fat that melts in your mouth, alongside a selection of Tochigi fresh foods and will be available for 3 nights only from 27 – 29 October from 6pm to 8pm for $180++.

Call +65 67350308 or email enquiry@fat-cow.com.sg to reserve your spot! Note that Fridays is completely sold out already.

I have to say, it was such a good experience to try 5 out of the 8 dishes on the special menu. I found out the Tochigi is a beautiful area just north of Tokyo, with the main city called Nikko. The area produces some of the best wagyu, strawberries, Kyoho grapes and pears! There's also the sake, brewed locally and stored in caves. 

fat cow guest chef
Here, Guest Chef Mr. Shinbo is telling us to enjoy the food :)

It felt like we were there to watch a concert - we diners sat at the counter that wraps around the central cooking area. However the food came to us from the waitresses/waiters instead of being prepared and placed on our plates like you would imagine an omakase. It was a perfect symphony to my tastebuds, nonetheless.

We started with the super delightful roasted scallops with broccolini and kimizu vinagrette (sort of like Japanese hollandaise!). The broccolini came from Tochigi. The scallops were so fresh and had that lovely soft texture. It was quite impressive.

Then we tried the Tochigi wagyu temari sushi, which had a tiny bit of ground horseradish on top that gave the rather chewy ball of sushi that extra dimension. I thought it was an interesting way to have sushi, but this one didn't impress me as much.

I liked the grilled seabream with torched soy foam and butter sauce, but again felt that it was good but not quite a standout. This was a welcome change between the earthy temari sushi before though, and I liked the clever use of the soy and butter.

We had some Tochigi sake before meal started, but when we were about to have the beef, out comes the big gun. Here is the 2005 Daiginjo Uroko by the Shimazaki Shuzo Co., aged for 10 years in the brewery warehouse where temperature is maintained at 10 degrees celsius. I found the meal to be much more elevated by the sake - you can ordered these separately from the sake menu and I'll highly recommend you do so.

And then, of course, the reason why we were all there in the first place. This. The Tochigi wagyu steak with Japanese wafu sauce, daikon pot-au-fu and grilled seasonal vegetables. It MELTED in my mouth. What can I say? Perfection in pieces. It's so good, there was virtually silence for many minutes as diners contemplated the magic of life (and writing about food) while letting the pieces disintegrate gently. Also, the daikon was one of the most exquisite I've ever tried - slightly smokey, sweet and complex.

Here's a little bit more about the beef. Competition winner!

We ended the fun with a bang - the Japanese pear sabayon with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. This was such a pleasant surprise - who would expect the Japanese pear to taste so sweet and pair/pear so well with ice cream? Definitely something to look forward to if you are going for this 8-course meal!

I had an awesome dinner, thanks to Fat Cow, and Guest Chef Mr. Shinbo. For S$180, it is a very worthwhile dinner (only $22.50/course think about that!) especially with the wagyu and dessert. The chance to pair some delicious Tochigi sake is also something not to be missed. Call +65 67350308 or email enquiry@fat-cow.com.sg to reserve your spot! Note that Fridays is completely sold out already.
Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard, #01-01/02,
Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
6-8pm Thurs and Saturday 27 Oct and 29 Oct 2016

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